Thursday, 31 December 2009

There comes a time in your life when you realise: Who matters! Who never did! Who wont anymore! And who always will! Always remember people from your past! There is a reason why they never made it into your future! "Happy New Year"

Sunday, 27 December 2009

"Naughty Santa"

Merry Christmas Rudolf said,

As Santa Clause rolled out of bed.

Your at it again you drunken git,

And you've dropped us all in the sh.t!

The rest of us won't fly tonight.

A drunken driver, that isn't right!

The boys and girls will be left to pine.

Because of you, we're loosing time!

The Christmas elves will do the job.

Your getting old you silly sod.

Time and again you've been told!

Now it's time, your out in the cold.

It's Christmas Eve, we have to fly.

Places to go we have to try.

Fill the socks of those girls and boys.

With lots and lots of gifts and toys.

So when you hear his call tonight.

Remember Santa, he was a sight!

We left him home, drunk in bed.

So it's an elf-en Christmas you'll have instead!!!!!!!!!




The End of the Year


The end of the year is coming soon.

Twelve long months, that was full of gloom!

It's been hard, it's been fraught.

In those twelve long months, we've all been hurt!


Recession, Recession is all I hear.

There was nothing here for us to cheer.

So let's look forward, and wave goodbye.

To a year that has hurt, and that's NO lie!


2009 is fading away.

The light is going, the end of the day.

A bright new dawn will rise and shine.

This great "New Year" will come in time.




Friday, 25 December 2009

Be Happy

Each day is a "Gift" That's why we call it the "PRESENT"

Looking Forward !!!!!

Remember? Even a block of stone which is an obstacle in the path of the weak,becomes a stepping stone in the pathway of a strong person !!!!!!!!!!! ................................

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Words of Wisdom

NEVER talk defeat!
Use words like,
and Victory !!!!!!!

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

"What A Christmas Present" !!!!!!!!!

NO wages for a month? then the company I work for go into "Administration" 2nd December? the future for me and the other 40 people is not looking good. But chin up,maybe the administrators can find a buyer,and with fingers crossed we may get some money before Christmas. For the younger people in the company with children and mortgages it must be a little more heart wrenching!!!!!!!! Lets hope that 2010 has something better to offer us ALL

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Seasons Greetings

I would just like to take a moment,and wish each and everyone of the "Friends" out there that have looked at my blog over the last 12 months. It's been a hard year for many of us! but the season of goodwill is here,so enjoy!!!!! Have a very: "Merry Christmas"
and a very
"Prosperous New Year"

Monday, 30 November 2009

The Star

Follow that star
I hear them say!
Follow that star
it's not that far away!
Follow that star
to the end of the world!!!!!!!!!!!
The first frosty night is on the cards!
It's cold.
It's white.
But it looks so good!
The first frosty night is on the cards.
Wrap up warm.
And stay inside.
It feels so "Good"

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Faithful Friends !!!!!!!!!

Faithful friends
are hard to find!
They keep you sane
and strong in mind!
They listen,digest
and take on board.
Your thoughts and worries
to ease your hurt!
That hurt it comes
in many guises.
But they work it through
so there are NO surprises!
So "Thank" your friends
for being around.
They help keep your
Body,Mind and Soul........... SOUND!!!!!!

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Pull me into your arms.
Hold me close.
And whisper softly.
I'm yours.
The petals of the flower
fall and dry.
But our love is forever
It will never die.
Hear the "words"
Read the "words"
Then think?
Do not judge
Just listen.
Open your mind.
Be there when
Time & Friends
"Great Healers"

Friday, 13 November 2009

A Festive Treat

What a treat?

Crisp and golden

Sugar coated

With a hint of festive cheer!

Smell the mood!

Open your mind and dream

Citrus, cinnamon,

A touch of orange.



Cream or butter

Whatever your choice

Christmas is coming

So treat yourself

And enjoy A wonderful "Mince Pie"


She sits in her room

Curtains closed

As the tears stream

Down her beautiful face.

Their record still ringing

In her ears......


She asks herself


The clock ticks

And ticks away

Minutes become hours

Hours become days.

But still she asks


The answer can only

Come from within!

As the dawn breaks

She dries her eyes

Opens her window to the world

Another day, another challenge

Life will go on

She will survive

That beautiful face

Will smile once again!

Saturday, 31 October 2009

Angels of Mercy


With smiles on their faces

And passion in their heart

They float on air.

And they look so smart?


Smart in dress.

And smart in mind.

Gifted with people.

You're sure tol find?


Oh how they work.

Healing the sick.

These "Angels of Mercy"

Never missing a trick.


We thank you nurses.

For the work you do.

Without your devotion.

We would never come through???



Sunday, 25 October 2009

Save Us!!



Pay your money and walk inside.

I'm sure there's nothing here to hide.

But are we sure I ask myself!

So come with me I hope to show.

Some of the things I think must go!


Tall dark fences many feet high.

Empty pits were they must have died.

So why do we pay! Look and stare.

Because most of us here just don't care!


From overseas they often came.

In crates or baskets, who's to blame!

Why import these beautiful things!

I'm sure we don't know what pain it brings!


Behind these fences bars and walls.

Come loud unhappy blood curdling calls.

Are they happy, are they sad!

I'm sure in my mind it must be bad.


So release the animals, birds and fish

And give us our entire hopeful wish.

Those creatures of the world are free.

To roam the land for ALL to see.


Let's come together and fight the cause.

Start right now don't even pause.

To see these animals walk this land.

I one day hope that Zoo's are banned.



A Winters Tale

People are rushing to and fro.

Hustle and bustle with nowhere to go.

Stores are closing, end of the day.

Time for home I hear you say!

It's late in the evening.

The lights have come on.

The sun has set, but hasn't quite gone!

December is time to wrap up warm.

Home in doors way from the storm.

Ice and snow play a very big part.

On the cover of every Christmas card.

Holly and ivy, red berries too.

It's all part of Christmas that will come to you.

The fire burns bright on Christmas day.

As we sit and watch the children play.

Paints and games sweets and toys.

The look on the faces of those girls and boys.

The lights turned down, they've gone to bed.

But the Christmas spirit is far from dead.

Twenty four hours and they'll start again.

So it's rest and sleep and dream till then.

Just let it go

ALONE! this autumn morn.

Wind in the trees, sun in the sky.

Shadows dance on marble stones

And still we wonder why!

Leaves swirl, cones drop.

It's not cold,

It's autumn!

Colours flash by my eyes, so bold!

Heart oval, square and round.

Gifts, tokens of love.

Adorn this ground.

For you and I to see.

I know I ask this question why!

There is NO answer,

NO reason.

Just let it go.

And say "Goodbye"

Monday, 19 October 2009

One year on!



Twelve months on

It's very hard.

To say we miss you

What use is a card!


It seems like yesterday

That you were here.

Running around

Without any fear!


But now you're gone

To a better place.

Rest your head

With that smile on your face.


William our friend

We'll never forget.

We thank God

For the lad we met.


Your years were short

But your legacy lives on

Through friends and family

You'll go "ON and on"


Thursday, 15 October 2009

Autumn Leaves

The autumn leaves are falling

Falling fast to the ground.

Autumn leaves are falling

Without even making a sound?

Red, Gold and brown

A carpet all around.

The leaves, they keep falling

Never making a sound?

But what sound should they make

As they fall to the ground?

The leaves they keep falling

Just listen for the sound?

Soon the snow will cover

This blanket on the ground.

But deep below the surface

These leaves will still be found.

Frozen, stiff and wilted

The leaves are on the ground.

But they'll be back again next year

So listen for that sound?

Thursday, 8 October 2009

After the raids

My friends and I just sat and stared.

Crushed and broken.

Smouldering in the smoke filled air.

We were "Kids"

The bombs had dropped.

City on fire.

No water, no power, no roads!

What's going to happen to "US"

We just sat, and sat for a very long time.

Where was mum!

Where was dad!

Are they safe......

Tears ran down our face

We held hands, and wished

Wished the world was a better place!

We looked at each other and said.

"It will be one day"

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Why us!

A grey cloudy November night.

The air was filled with "worry"

Few stars were out.

Why us!

Suddenly a drone filled the air.

The siren started.

And the sky was lit like a Christmas tree.

Why us!

Search lights scanned the black depths.

Picking out our unwanted visitors.

Screaming, whistling, and howling.

Words can't describe the devastation.

That was about to descend on us!!!!!!!

Why us!

This was the night of "Hell"

Our lives would never be the same.

We have to be strong for each other

The tears rolled down my face,

Why us!

Coventry was crushed, on its knees.

They had come to inflict hurt and pain.

And that's just what they did.

One night of terror, one night of horror.

Why us!

The story has been told many times.

We ALL know the outcome of that night.

BUT the "City" and its people were rebuilt.

And we still ask the question.

Why us!

Sunday, 4 October 2009

New Life




Soft and New!

Sharp intake of breath.

A muffled sound.

New life!


The smell!


Like new mown grass.

But it's alive!







It's alive

A "New Life"

Broken Body!

(Man flu or Not!!!)

Heart beat echoes,

Like a banging drum.

Pulse is racing

Is there more to come!

Head is pounding

Hot or Cold!

Throat is raw, like broken glass

Hope this pain is not going to last!

Is it a fever!

Is it a cold!

Is it anything!

Or am I just getting old!

The pain will go

The fever will pass

I'm not ill!

Just look in the glass!

The glass is empty

The potion is gone

I'm feeling better

The body's not wrong!

On my weekly visit to my local cemetery to visit my dad's grave, I came across this note written by my teenage son (Matthew)


It's just something I thought I should share!!!!!!!




To Grandad



I know you can't read this yourself!

But it's just a little note, to say

"Thank You" for all the happy times we shared.


Now you have gone, we miss you so much

But you will never be forgotten, you will

Be in our hearts and memory forever.


Well I am off to live in Manchester soon

And only wish you were here too se me off.

But I know you're looking down, and wishing me

All the very best.


So all in all, hope that you're well up there,

Looking down and feeling proud.


R.I.P. Grandad


Love ...... Matty xxxx

Monday, 28 September 2009

Let the Side Show Begin



Step right up

Roll a penny!

Throw a dart!

Hook a duck!

It can't be hard?



Smell the onions

Hotdogs too

Toffee apples


Just for you.



Open your ears

Listen to the sound

Screams of delight

As they go round and round.



Engines purring

Puffing away

Flashing lights

By night or day.



Young or Old

With a smile on their face

Money in their pockets

The "Fair" is the place.





"A Pretty Amazing Man"

                    (Our Dad)


Many thanks to all my dads' family and friends for attending his service today. Most of you will know him through work or pleasure from the Homefire Plant Kerseley or Newdigate Social Club Smorrall Lane (many a social event held here)

There are a few people here today that have known my dad a lot longer than most, Alan & Isobel Cardell and family have known him for nearly 50 years, and they have been great friends throughout those long hard years.

I say HARD because there are something's that many people here today are not aware of and I would like to share some of these to show the HARD but enjoyable life he had.


Let's start at the beginning, born in 1931 into a hard working Northern mining family, one of 13 children (No television!) A HARD childhood but took everything thrown at him. Went to school until the age of 14 but left with NO qualifications and barely able to read or write ( he was no academic ) But he made his way through life without a struggle and was not hindered by his lack of schooling.

At 14 he entered the mans world of the coal mines, in those days they used pit ponies (he knew them all by name) this was HARD.


Married in 1953 (before you start counting I am 54!) still working in the mine with very little money and looking for a place to call home. My dad left the mine in the late 50s and did various other jobs like milkman (with a horse and cart!) and a hodcarrier on a building site, but still NO house to call a home!

So what did he do! We went to live in a farmer's field, in a caravan! (Ask Alan Cardell)

As mum and dad have said many times over the last 50 years "these were some of the best years" We stayed in this caravan on 2 different sites for the next 6/7 years, there are many stories to be told from these years but it would take hours maybe worth writing a book! One thing I will say is that if anyone had seen the size of this caravan you could not understand how 7 people lived in it! Here again the word HARD springs to mind, that's not just dad but the whole family.


Eventually we did get a house (made of bricks) and as a family thought we had hit the big time (well at least I did) it was about 10 miles from the old caravan but a world away in life style. But that word again HARD - out of work, no money, and just the day to day struggle made life difficult. But he kept his chin up, dug deep and got on with life.


In 1965 he left his wife and family of 5 children and travelled to Bedworth!!!!!!

(This was the end of the world for a Geordie miner!) With an offer from the then N.C.B. to work at the Homefire Plant Kerseley. He lodged in Kerseley for the next 12 months making life long friendships with the likes of Pete Connelly and but once again I hear that word HARD no family made it a very trying time.


But suddenly the door opened and the dark clouds started to pass over! It was 1966 England had just won the world cup and the Richardson family were on the move. We crossed the Tyne rail bridge heading south out of the industrial North East towards Warwickshire. A journey into the great unknown, but an adventure for us 5 kids but again it was HARD moving house and family 250 miles " BUT HE DID IT "

Not to long after coming to Warwickshire the family was complete David was born.

The job at the Homefire Plant was going well, kids had found new friends and settled in school and everything seemed to fall into place. I think by now the rest of dads family up North were thinking their brother had become a bit of a snob! But that was far from the truth; he travelled back as often as possible and never forgot his Northern roots. He had moved on, left the North East and was making a better life for his family and himself but in my eyes this was HARD and took guts and internal strength (That's our Dad!)


The last 43 years have thrown up many challenges, not least a miners strike and early retirement but all he took in his stride and got on with what he had to do "Work Hard" and enjoy life to the full.


We will ALL miss you Dad!!!!!


But we will NEVER FORGET the man we call "OUR DAD"


"The Power"

Healing the body.
Healing the soul.
Healing the mind.
Hebridean healing is very kind!!

Different is good! But remember that it is "you" that matters! And "you" makes things happen!


Saturday, 26 September 2009

The Calling!

The word was his conviction!

His conviction is

"The Word"

The word is the way

BUT what is the "Word"






Way !!!!!!!!!!!!

Another Day


Lying on the bed

Window open.


And waiting....


Curtains flutter

The cool breeze

Caresses my face.






Smell of the morning

Hits me.



And I'm still waiting!


Door fly's open

It's here

I'm not waiting any more.




Monday, 21 September 2009

Arms of steel stretched out to the world!

Embracing the life in every way.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

"Loving Daughter"

She is your world, or part of it!
She is your heart, the whole of it!
She is your friend, that keeps you sane!
She is your "life" that eases the pain!
She is your mind, body and soul.
She is your "Loving Daughter"

Do not stand!



Do not stand at my grave and weep,

I am not there, I do not sleep.


I am a thousand winds that blow.

I am the diamond glint in the snow.

I am the sunlight on the ripened grain.

I am the fresh gentle autumn rain.


When you wake in the morning hush.

It's me that gives you that uplifting rush.

It's calm and quiet those birds in flight.

I am the starlight on a clear night.


Do not stand at my grave and weep.

I am not there, I do not sleep.

Do not stand at my grave and cry.

I am not there, I did not die!



Thursday, 17 September 2009

"Gone but not forgotten"


No more presents, not even a card.

Your time of passing for us is hard!

Rest in peace, with all your thoughts.

Although for us you know it hurts!


One day you were here, and then you were gone!

Not enough time for everyone.

To say goodbye, and a sad farewell.

For a husband, father and granddad as well.


What more can I say on this sad Fathers Day!

Only to wish you had not gone away.

Out of our lifes, but not our heart.

We will remember every year with a CARD


Life goes on I can hear you say.

And I am sure one day that will be the way.

But until then we stick together.

And remember you for ever and ever






Food for Thought!






My name is Bunter, Billy of course.

That fun loving lad that eats' like a horse.

My stomach is fat, solid and round.

But I move very quietly never making a sound.



Stealing food is an obsession of mine!

To make a feast to have a good time.

When boys and girls are wrapped up tight.

I creep out slowly in the dead of night.



Fat is fun, so people say!

Happy and bubbly you're supposed to stay.

But the truth of the matter is here to see.

Depressed and lonely is all you'll be.



Now I have a friend called Dina-mite.

She's chunky and strong and knows how to fight.

But she too needs to lose some weight.

To fight the flab before it's too late.



So with your help and a guiding arm.

We'd love to try a little health farm.

The clean fresh air would do us good.

And pump us full of fresh new blood.





Wednesday, 16 September 2009

The Message!


The more you give!
The more you get!
The more you think!
The less you fret!
The less you cry!
The more you smile!
The more you ask!
The more WE give!
That's what friends are for.



Why oh why I hear you cry.

As you wipe away that tear.

Is it me! Is it you!

Now it's becoming clear

The fight is real, we chase the cause.

No matter what it brings.

For in our hearts we know the truth.

It's life, its love and wonderful things.

These things are yours to cherish.

With family and your friends.

So keep that smile upon your face.

As friendship NEVER ends!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Treat of the Day


Your friends arrive from near and far.

They've come by bus, not by car!


You share your humble fare together.

These friends are yours for ever and ever.


Your daughter is happy playing away.

Not a care in the world, it's a wonderful day.


Special times with special friends.

Barmy spring days, without any ends!


You laugh and you joke, enjoying your time.

As the world passes by, and oh how I pine!


Those days are golden, and treasured by all

When friends come calling, you're all having a ball.


So capture those memories, lock them away.

Keep safe and sound for another "Great Day"




Monday, 14 September 2009

Understanding !

This is the start of better things to come. Just keep your mind focused on what you want and where you want to go ! Everything in life has a purpose,and we have to use this to our advantage. "Feeling Good" is a very positive thought ! Keep this as your No1 goal and "FEEL GOOD" whatever comes your way. Friendship is a priceless gift that can't be bought or sold. And to have an understanding friend,is worth much more than gold !!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Scented Gift

This scented gift was sent with love
and sent with you in mind.
This scented gift was sent with love
and there's never two of a kind.
A rainbow of colour,arranged with care
set in a vase for you to share.
Stare in wonder at this beautiful gift
sent by a friend to give you a lift.
Oh what a wonderful - "Scented Gift"

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Silence is "Golden"

Listen to the silence !
Hear what I hear !
Only if you open your mind
can you hear the silence !!!

Saturday, 12 September 2009


I've never asked the question why ! as the answer may hurt. I don't ask when ! as it was a long, long time ago. "So why do I recall these times" ! Because I know the answer. "Maybe" Time transcends ALL barriers memories never fade, they only grow stronger. We should never forget the passed ! whether good,bad or indifferent. We lived it !

Thursday, 10 September 2009

"Look Deep inside yourself"

Gaze into the mirror
what do you see !
A Reflection !
Maybe !
Look deeper
what do you see !
A youngster
A teenager
A mum
A dad
What do you see !
In essence,we see ourselves.
We can only imagine
what other people see.
"SO" be happy with what you see
It's "YOU" and only "YOU"

"Was This" !

The angel kissed a cloud, as she strained her gossamer wings. The clear blue sky, was deep,and empty as a white feather fluttered to the ground. " Was This" My guardian angel ! Am I dreaming ! Is this real ! One blink of an eye a cursory glance and it's gone ! ! WE ARE "NEVER" ALONE

Monday, 7 September 2009

Open the gate, and swing it wide, smell the air! and walk inside. It's full of colour, with names galore. And month after month there's always more? A place of comfort, a place to rest. Some say "It's peaceful" But I'm only a guest. I come and visit every week, to sit and ponder,and sometimes speak. Talking to memories,pictures NO sound! Asking myself why! Minuets turn to hours, hours into days. Our loved ones are gone And I'm still in a daze!

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Sunday morning ( Up with the lark? )

Sunday morning,and I'm lying in bed. wondering what delights are lurking ahead? A bank holiday weekend,a time to relax? but not for me,I'm just an ass!!!!!!! I'll go to work,and enjoy the day, working away without any pay. I shouldn't be here? it's the weekend, but theres grass to be cut,and things to mend. To smell the grass of a new mown lawn, to touch the earth in the early dawn. These are the things that make the day, just a pity I get NO pay ?????????

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

It's Easy ?????? ( Just "Do" it )

STOP? Look! Listen! Smell! Feel! Touch! And appreciate. THE SIMPLE THINGS IN LIFE

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Oh what a day??????

Oh how it rained?
and it rained.
and it rained.
The sky was grey
it was "In for the Day"
as it rained
and it rained all day?

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Four bare legs

Four bare legs,and without any arms

there it stands with all it's charms.

A hidden gem from years gone by

left in a room,

left to cry!

It's a lonely life in solitude

on your own and left to brood.

But a careful caress from a loving hand

this chair I think we need to sand.

Take it out of all that doom

and give it pride of place in the

"Living Room"

Is it Because !!!!!!!

Is it because I'm Old!
Or is it because I'm Grey!
I'm I stressed and lonely!
Or is it just today!
Teenagers are stressful
boys I'm sure are worse!
And little girls aren't angels
sometimes very terse.
But this is growing up
and something we have all done.
The only thing that's different
is it's your daughter or your son.

A Little Ray Of Sunshine

A golden ray of sunshine

surrounded by a cloak of green!

With arms stretched to the sun

sucking every ounce of energy.

This lonely beauty

entangled in a web of deceit.

But strong and vibrant she stands

her head held high with pride.

I am that ray of sunshine

that will brighten up your life!

Bringing peace,

harmony and love

to all the world.

Through this little

"Ray of Sunshine"

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Sweet,Sweet Friend

A friend of mine whos son was killed last year is sure "He" visits her as a "Robin"

Sat on my own on a summers day

lunch box open in a casual way.

Out of my eye I caught a flash

a small red breast in a dark green patch.

The smell of the grass,fresh mown today

left much longer,it would have turned to hay!

The sun is hot,the summers here

but up in a tree my friend is near.

There is NO snow,

NO frosty morn

my friend the "Robin" is not long born.

He comes to share my lunch each day

perched on a branch not far away.

I often chat,

and say hello

to my little feathered friend.........

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Prayers Answered ( Thank You )

The hand reaching out

too touch the "World"

My prayers were answered

flags unfurled.

My friend came through

a dismal time.



pain and worry.

Better times lie ahead

my friend,my friend

"NO MORE" dread.

The pain will ease,your spirits lift

health and happiness

Order of the day.

New Day

New Dawn

"New Beginning"

Sunday, 7 June 2009


The moon casts a shadow

over the end of day sun.

That rich golden syrupy

ball in the sky.

The moon takes over

when the sun fades away.

Another big event

at the end of the day.

Lovers gaze into

each others eyes

As the moon casts it's shadow

that's no big surprise.

So give thanks to the sun

at the end of the day.

As it opens the gates for

the "Moon" on it's way.

The Whispering Grass

Whispering grass

I cant hear!

I've opened my eyes,

and listen with my ears!

The sun makes you golden,

ripe and rich.

The rain cool and wet,

but that causes a hitch.

So let the grass whisper,

as the wind blows a kiss.

Through the wild,wild flowers

and the plants that we've missed.

The summer is here

lets hope it lasts

So open your ears

and listen to.

"The Whispering Grass"