Wednesday, 31 December 2008

End Of The Year .......... 2008

Tonight is the end of 2008.
To end this year I can not wait !
A year of stress,pain and worry.
If I've been a pain ! I'm very sorry.
Lets look forward to a year of cheer.
The sound of relief I think I hear !
To see people laugh and smile again.
That's the thing that will ease the pain.
A positive mind is what we need.
To start the year and plant the seed.
The seed of life if nurtured will grow.
It will keep you on a high,away from the lows !
12 months away from the next "New Years Eve"
Sometimes it's scary,it's hard to believe.
Our lives are flying by,we're not stopping to think !
This End of the year remember your "Friends" and toast them with a drink.
"Happy New Year" 2009 Is coming your way .......................................

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Gaurdian Angel !

White feathers on the ground
is this a message, or a sign !
The "Angel" spreads it's wings
and from the body a feather springs !
If you believe in "Angels" you are
truly blessed and protected.
You will unexpectedly find the
white feathers.
That's your sign ! he or she
is by your side,with a guiding hand.
WE ALL have an "Angel" they are
just waiting !!!!!!!!!!!
For YOU to talk to them.

Saturday, 27 December 2008

Inspector Clouseau has a friend !!!!!!!!!
( Happy New Year p )

"Did SHE really come for Lunch !"

Away on holiday in East Anglia.
With her family by her side.
Fine food and wine for lunch.
A very ROYAL Christmas they had !
3.00pm SHE spoke to us all !
Giving us her thoughts for 2009.
A bit gloomy the outcome sounded.
And many of us were quite dumb founded !
The message to the nation is meant to cheer.
And make us feel good, after our Christmas fare.
Don't be alarmed by the message you've seen !
It's just the Christmas message from "The Queen"

Thursday, 25 December 2008

2 Days Before Christmas !!!!!!!!!!

Nursing a "nasty" injured big toe.
Painful and black,the nail may go !
Accidents happen I hear you say.
Not normally to me,but yesterday !!!!!!
Mind on the job,but head in the clouds.
Walking and talking to myself !
Easing my way through the day.
Then suddenly it "happened" oh I had to pay !!
Watch what your doing,look after yourself.
Stay in good spirits,and keep good health.
Stick to the rules,and you'll never go wrong !
Break them once "And Look What Happens"

Monday, 22 December 2008

New Year 2009

As we prepare to wave goodbye to 2008,lets remember that whatever 2009 has in store for us we have to take it with both hands and work through it !!!!
The "New Year" is always a time of celebration,and so it should be,so enjoy the merriment but know your limit,and be responsible !
A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL ..................... WHEN IT ARRIVES !!!!!

Saturday, 20 December 2008

" Naughty Santa"

Merry Christmas Rudolf said.
As Santa Clause rolled out of bed !
Your at it again,you drunken git.
And you've dropped us in IT !
The rest of us wont fly tonight.
Your so drunk,and that isn't right !
The boys and girls will be left to pine.
And because of you,we're loosing time !
The Christmas elf's will do the job.
Your getting old you silly sod.
Time and again you've been told.
The time has come ! your out in the cold.
It's Christmas eve,we have to fly.
Places to go,we have to try.
To fill the socks of those girls and boys.
With lots and lots of lovely toys.
So when you hear us call tonight.
Remember Santa ! oh he was a sight.
We left him home drunk in bed.
So have an elf-en Christmas instead !!!!!!!!

Thursday, 18 December 2008

In at the "Deep End"

Many years ago,at this time of year I was "FULL" of festive spirit !
Not because of drinking it !! but just through sheer hard work.
For my sins I chose to become a Chef,and this time of year we used to "SCREAM"
But that was over 25 years ago,and apart from the odd occasion my kitchen duties are over.
OR SO I THOUGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today, everything that I had done years ago ( Catering ) came flooding back !
I was asked to cook "Christmas Dinner" for 70 people !!! what a challenge, but one to relish.
Rolled up the sleeves,sharpened the knives,and off we went - a great success- but as I said in the title....................................

Saturday, 13 December 2008


Its hard to say "Sorry" to a friend !
Because friendships are made,and you hope they never end.
Its hard to say "Sorry" to a friend.
But things that are broken,are always there to mend !
If I've hurt you,apologies from my heart.
True friendship runs deep,although we are far apart !
Life, is a canvas awaiting the artist brush.
Each stroke tells a story,every colour enriches.
So release your artistic Passion,let the paint take away the worry.
And all I want to say is "I'M VERY,VERY, "SORRY"

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

"Mothers" ( Are for life - Not just for Christmas!! )

What are mothers all about!
They give us life,and smother us with love.
Call you son/daughter and guide you on your way.
When your a youngster she wipes your face with her "Hankie" !
When you become a teenager your told what time to be home at night !
You leave home and get married,she then becomes a MOTHER IN LAW !!!!
The next question "When am I to be a Grandma !!"
But this is all done with the best possible taste.
After ALL your Mother is your Mother and she is here for you when ever needed

Saturday, 6 December 2008

"Smile" and be "Happy"

The sun is shining !
its a winters day.
NO more rain,well not today.
Time to shop and enjoy the day !
Breakfast first,a hot cup of tea.
Orange juice and bacon that's
for me !
My weekend treat,breakfast in bed !
thanks for that,enough said.
So enjoy the weekend.
Take it all in your stride.
"Smile" and be happy.
AND GET OUT OF BED !!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Friends and Family ( think first ! )

Looking down the road,what do we see ! A straight or winding or a road block. It's down to each and every one of us. to follow our own road in life! NO matter how old or young you are. The challenges that lie before you are there to stimulate the mind ! "YOU" will make the right choice. To ALL my family and friends ( they know who they are ! ) That are at the cross roads of life. REMEMBER !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look,Listen,then take action. Good Luck

Christmas is on the way !!

Will there be snow!
Are we sending cards!
Will are dreams be fulfilled!
Will eat and drink to much!
Are we going to think about others!

Yes,we are sending cards!

Yes,we will all eat and drink to much!

We hope all are dreams come true!

And "YES" we will think of many friends,family and others.
SNOW !!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not so sure.

"Merry Christmas to ALL"

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Another Winters Day !

Another winters day has come and gone away.
But I'm still waiting ! waiting for you.
Another winters day has come and gone away.
And I'm still waiting ! and you know it's true.
Another winters day has come and gone away.
And I'm still thinking ! thinking of you.
Another winters day has come and gone away.
And I'm still dreaming ! dreaming of you.
Another winters day has come and gone away.
But I'm still Listening ! listening to you.
Another winters day has come and gone away.
And I still believe ! believe in you.
Another winters day has come and gone away.
And I am still here ! waiting for you

Saturday, 15 November 2008


The angels flew today taking our friend away. Away from the people who hurt him. To a world of love and loving. He left behind his daughter the Skye that lit his world. But in that Skye a star will twinkle. That's her Daddy's eye.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

"Time to Say Goodbye"

Friday is the day to say goodbye to a friend! Friday is the day not to pretend! Be bold,Be proud,stand up and say. We will remember you each and every day. A young life taken,taken away. From friends and family,oh how they pray. For one so young,with a life to lead. His life is gone ! but we cant believe. I say goodnight,farewell to my friend. His brother and sister I am sure they will mend. Time is a healer,and it will take time. Your death was a waste,and the loss is mine.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

"Bonfire Delight"

Red,Orange,Gold and Green.
Oh these flames you should have seen!
Crackling wood,a face full of smoke.
A great night out with decent folk.
Off go the rockets with colour for all.
Screaming and wailing just watch them fall.
Out of the sky,they crash to the earth.
These fiery sticks get stuck in the turf.
Next come the candles,burning so bright.
Climbing so high showering us with light.
They've lit up the sky,and turned it to day.
In their own very special colourful way.
It's nearly time,the displays gone well.
Adults and children with grandparents to tell.
Another year over,and a smoke filled sky.
We await next year for another try !!!!!!!!
Remember,Remember,the 5th of November.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Bombs and Bullets

Bombs and Bullets. Tanks and Guns. Soldiers running. But not to their mums! War is bloody. People die. And the wives and children will always cry. Rows of white crosses. On new mown grass. These are the reminders Of times in the past. No one wins in times of war. Only pain and death. And an open door. So close the door, and stop the war. Its truth and peace for evermore.

Thursday, 30 October 2008

" A thought for Today"

"Hope and Direction"
Secretly feed
And strengthen !

Not Again !

It's sad Its' heart breaking! It's gut wrenching! It's mind blowing! It's unbelievable! BUT IT'S HAPPENED AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!! A 10 year old ex pupil of my wife! Sadly died on Wednesday evening. After an asthma attack. God bless you Jack E/R .............. aka Bob the Builder !!!!

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Stormy October night

Snow in October !! What a thought. The nights are dark. The sunshine is sought! But far from the fact! Five months to come. The ice,the rain,the snow. For some it's fun !! Wrapped up warm and snug inside. Lights turned down,we try to hide. Away from the weather,out of the storm. The family together in our comfortable home. Look forward to the winter,happy or sad. It's one of the seasons,the other three we've had ! The end of the year is coming soon. Enjoy "This Season" with all it's gloom.

Sunday, 26 October 2008

The cross road !

At this moment in time,my journey has hit a cross road ! The untimely death of a young (22) man ! The uncertainty of the health of a friend ! Its not easy to stay positive when things hit the fan ! I am usually the counsellor of friends and family,but I find myself asking questions,and not getting answers ! BUT I have to be positive,strong and in the end it will work it's self out. 2008 has been a year of heartache and despair,next year "WILL BE BETTER"

Saturday, 25 October 2008

" Why"

Why ! Why ! Why ! Why !
Earlier in this blog I reported that a friends son had been seriously injured after a night out. Sadly William passed away without gaining conciseness @7.30am this morning Saturday 25th October 2008.
William you did not deserve this !!!!! you were one of the worlds gentle people,who in their lives did more good than harm. Your family and friends are devastated at this sudden loss of your life,their world will be in limbo for many months and years to come.
How could someone take the life of this Son,Brother,Father,Grandson,Uncle,Friend !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your blood will live on in your daughter,and our memories of you will never fade.
Rest in peace William - you will never be forgotten.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008


Days get shorter! Nights get longer! Sun stops shining! Skies turn greyer! "It's Autumn" Central heating on! Warm cloths come out! Gloves get an airing! Boots and wellies out they come! "It's Autumn" Summers gone! Autumn is here! Winters on the way! Enjoy,Enjoy,Enjoy. "Thats Autumn"

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

I Know you don't like flowers

I know you don't like flowers !
And plants I couldn't find.
So please accept this bunch from me.
I hope you do not mind!
I know it's been a strain.
Over the weeks and months gone by.
But now it's time to be pampered.
So why not give it a try !!!!!!!
Until we speak I'll say farewell.
And wish you all the best.
Keep your faith,be strong and focused.
And please enjoy your rest !!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 20 October 2008

Waiting is hard !

Waiting is hard here today. Thinking,praying in my own special way. Time goes slowly,with plenty of thoughts. It's hard and punishing,it even hurts. Text and e-mail put on hold. The time has come for you to be told. With courage and strength you'll overcome. this awful time in your life. Lots of love and best wishes dear "Friend"

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Has the world gone mad !

Last night my neighbours son ( 22 ) went out with a group of friends. They decided to visit a casino. After a good night,and in good spirts ( a little merry ) they make their exit. The rest is what I have been told by the family ! William and friends leave the casino. They are approached by unknown males. William is punched in the face !!!!!! "WHY" He is knocked to the ground - not sure if he was knocked out "But" the result is................... William has sustained a fractured skull,a bleed on the brain and is on a "Life Support Machine" This afternoon they have operated to relive the pressure on his brian,and bolt it back together. His family are going through "HELL" - Mum,Dad,Brother and sister - and extended family. This is why I ask the question " Has the World gone mad" Best wishes William - hopes and prayers for your speedy recovery.

Friday, 17 October 2008

A Positive Weekend "Friend"

This weekend I have a friend in need !
In need of our thoughts and prayers !
In need of support and guidance !
In need of love and loving !
In need of hugs and kisses !
In need of tolerance and truth !
In need of strength and health !
In need of friends and family !
In need of calm and peace !
In need of "ME" time !
In need of a stiff drink !
Dear "Friend" you are in my thoughts xxxxxxx

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Phil "The Power" Taylor

Phil "The Power" Taylor came to my work place today!
Great bloke,came to play darts against a select few!
Leicester Tigers Rugby Union players.
650+ expected,drinking the house dry !!!!!
Plus a surprise guest.
Good to see that this world champion has his feet firmly on the ground.
No airs and graces on this guy! a man who is proud of his Staffordshire roots.
Hope you enjoy the night Phil.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

"Dracula Dave"

Brother Dave,dressed in black !
Putting on his Dracula act.
Party night was in full flow.
And in he walks,to put on a show !
The cape was black,his face all white.
With wife and kids oh what a sight.
Strutting his stuff across the floor.
Soon the crowd were shouting for more.
One of the crowd in fancy dress.
Came to wish our Sis all the best.
Her 50th birthday,what a great night.
Remember,remember you got it right !
She is 50 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 13 October 2008

My Journey So Far !

As the summer curtains have been drawn,and the leaves of autumn start to fall,I sat and tried to understand 2008 so far ! My Long and Winding Road has not been as smooth as it could have been,the year started off as usual cold and damp and nothing out of the ordinary.Then "bang" very early March 19th I was woken by the phone to be told my dad was been taken in to hospital. Four days later he was discharged,but asked to attend clinic the following week,the day arrived,but passed me by in a haze ! Dad had been diagnosed with lung cancer !!!!!!!!! He accepted it saying " If I have to die son,then it's my turn" ( I wish I could have been that strong ) He seemed so well,and bright as a button,then out of the blue his breathing became very erratic and I just knew something was wrong.May 23rd blue lights,off to hospital I call all the family and yep you have guessed "Dad Died" 3.45am May 24th 2008. We as a family struggle every day,I personally try to hide my feelings,but it's hard,as the eldest of 6 and a mother to keep my eye on sometimes I need time to think !!!! So the winding road hit a big hole !,but I managed to drive around the hole and continue without to much hassle.Until the next crack in the road,early August a work college taking a well earned rest at home in his garden collapsed and "Died" he was only 60 !!! He unfortunately had an undiagnosed heart condition,but still a tremendous shock. I carry on with my life,hoping that the year will get better ! Once again a smack in the head ! a friend that I had not seen for more than 25 years got in touch ( that in it's self was great ) BUT the shock here was that radical surgery is on the cards in the next few weeks,what a "SHOCK" But during the last few months there have been a few moments of joy and happiness,my mum had a big birthday 75 and in the last few days my eldest sister made her 50th another milestone ! What will the next 3 months of 2008 bring !!!! - I hope for health and happiness for ALL my family and friends and in particular my friend under going surgery,my thoughts and prayers. So heads up,positive attitude,and stride on towards 2009 with hope and aspirations of a better time ahead.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

"Happy Birthday Sis"

What a party !
Dracula,The Mask,Power Ranger.
All sorts of weird and wonderful guests.
I even took a drink ! which is a very rare occasion.
They danced until the wee small hours.
Eat the sumptuous buffet ( well done all concerned )
Looking at the cake ! well you have changed just a little !
Lets look forward to the next 50 !!!!!!
Happy Birthday Linda xxx

Saturday, 11 October 2008

" Yorkshire Hospitality"

Great day out in Doncaster. Cloudy and grey. Homemade "Cow pie" Great banter with the crowd. Only disappointment. We Lost !!!!!!! Beaten by a better side. Look forward to the return in the Midlands. Well done you " Yorkshire Boys"

It's Saturday

Sat in bed. Lap top on. Orange juice. Tea. Bacon sandwich. I'ts Saturday ! Sun is shinning. Weather dry. Trip up north. M1 - M18. Rugby !!!!!!! It's Saturday !

Friday, 10 October 2008

" Ode to my Dad "

It's been a while since I last saw that smile ! Upon that weathered face. It's been a while since I last saw that smile ! You left us in such haste ! I know your gone,and accept that fate. But never let me weep. For very day of every month. Your love for us we reap. I tend your grave,and keep it well. And talk as if your there ! My answer comes from inner pride. Because I know you're oh so near. Days and weeks months and more. Time will not stand still. I'll live my life with you in mind. As you know I always will. It' been a while since I last saw that smile ! Upon that weathered face. We laid you down in Gods good earth. In your final resting place. God bless Dad.

Message to a "Friend"

If you want to Talk ! If you want to Shout ! If you want to Scream ! I am here,just call. If you want to Laugh ! If you want to Cry ! If you want to Dream ! I am here,just call. If you need ANYTHING - I am here.

" Blog Off "

For the last few days I've tried my best.
To keep my mind in tune.
For the last few days I've tried mt best.

Sunday, 5 October 2008


No not the band,the weather ! It's hard to stay positive,with weather like this ! It's hard to dream of summer,the one that we missed ! It's hard to know that winter is just around the corner ! Dark wet dreary nights,oh what joy !!!!! But remember at the end of the rainbow is a pot of gold ! And fairies,leprechauns,and pixies. Just something to think about during those long dark cold nights to come !!!

Saturday, 4 October 2008

" The Flame "

Calming !

Soothing !

Peaceful !

Healing !

"Music the Healer"

Music to me is a great healer,not only a pick me up but a vehicle on which to hang any emotion ! Bringing back old memories some good some bad and some you would just rather forget. But I would ask this question of everyone ! how many times in your life so far have you associated a song or piece of music with an event good or bad ! How many husbands,wife's,lovers have a "special" song ( I am sure I can recall a few ! ) This just shows the power of music,many great poets go on to be prolific song writers,and many song writers look to poetry for inspiration when writing new songs.

Thursday, 2 October 2008


I have often walked and wondered What life is all about! Born to live,then we die. And in between is doubt. In our lives there is pleasure. For all of us to share. Through the good,the bad and ugly times. We know that someone cares. Three score years and ten is the figure often said. Is the life span of humans,I know that's what I've read ! So throw away the books,discount all the tales. And remember what I said ! " Life is for living " So enjoy .............................................................

" I am Here "

I am here. if you need me ! I am here. Because I care ! I am here. to ease the burden ! I am here. as a sounding board ! I am here. to listern ! I am here. NOT to judge ! I am here. BECAUSE I WANT TO BE !!

Big Day ! ( For No 1 Son )

He's off,on his first journey of discovery ! Manchester becons,bright lights and a girl ! Staying the weekend. Money in his pocket. Head full of wonder lust. Not a care in the word. Away from his midlands home. For the very first time ! First time on a train ! Remember your first time alone !!!!!!! Enjoy Son,have a good weekend.

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

"The Road Narrows!"

My blog is called"The Long and Winding Road" and is a collection of thoughts during my journey down the road of life! Each of us has a road to travel,some on flat smooth ground,others on rough and uneven ground! My Road became narrow in recent months,due to the sad and untimely death of my dad ! A major turning point in my life,and one that will take many months if not years to come to terms with. Then suddenly out of the blue a friend, a very good friend whom I had not seen for many,many years contacted me via e-mail.A ray of sunshine to brighten up what had been a dismal few months. But "The Road" was about to narrow again !!! my long lost friend has been diagnosed with an illness that will require major surgery !! it is a road she has to walk. With the help of friends,family and gifted hospital staff her Road although "Long and Winding" will be full of help,support and guidance. So the moral of this story is,be strong use your friends wisely and whatever life throws at "YOU"stay positive and you will come shinning through.

Monday, 29 September 2008

"All Chilled Out"

A bottle of beer. A home cooked meal. Relaxing bath ! Oh the way too feel ! Time to think. Time to reflect What today was all about ! One thing I know ! it's good to be. " ALL CHILLED OUT "

Just another "Manic" Monday !

Busy,Busy. Hustle,Bustle. No time too think ! No time Laugh ! No time to cry ! Just screem it's "Monday" It starts off mad as ever. But soon slips into it's normal rhythm. I should be thankful ! I have a job. Others out there are not so lucky! This "Long and Winding Road" has a lot to answer for !!!!! Keep smiling as you stroll along the road of "Life"

Sunday, 28 September 2008

The road we take in life is as the title suggests " Long and Winding" Never knowing what twists and turns we will take. But be sure of one thing! Without friends to help along the way,the road would be a very lonely place! "NEVER" let true friends down,like good wine they mature with age! And together we as friends will walk the "Long and Winding Road"