Wednesday, 31 December 2008

End Of The Year .......... 2008

Tonight is the end of 2008.
To end this year I can not wait !
A year of stress,pain and worry.
If I've been a pain ! I'm very sorry.
Lets look forward to a year of cheer.
The sound of relief I think I hear !
To see people laugh and smile again.
That's the thing that will ease the pain.
A positive mind is what we need.
To start the year and plant the seed.
The seed of life if nurtured will grow.
It will keep you on a high,away from the lows !
12 months away from the next "New Years Eve"
Sometimes it's scary,it's hard to believe.
Our lives are flying by,we're not stopping to think !
This End of the year remember your "Friends" and toast them with a drink.
"Happy New Year" 2009 Is coming your way .......................................

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Gaurdian Angel !

White feathers on the ground
is this a message, or a sign !
The "Angel" spreads it's wings
and from the body a feather springs !
If you believe in "Angels" you are
truly blessed and protected.
You will unexpectedly find the
white feathers.
That's your sign ! he or she
is by your side,with a guiding hand.
WE ALL have an "Angel" they are
just waiting !!!!!!!!!!!
For YOU to talk to them.

Saturday, 27 December 2008

Inspector Clouseau has a friend !!!!!!!!!
( Happy New Year p )

"Did SHE really come for Lunch !"

Away on holiday in East Anglia.
With her family by her side.
Fine food and wine for lunch.
A very ROYAL Christmas they had !
3.00pm SHE spoke to us all !
Giving us her thoughts for 2009.
A bit gloomy the outcome sounded.
And many of us were quite dumb founded !
The message to the nation is meant to cheer.
And make us feel good, after our Christmas fare.
Don't be alarmed by the message you've seen !
It's just the Christmas message from "The Queen"

Thursday, 25 December 2008

2 Days Before Christmas !!!!!!!!!!

Nursing a "nasty" injured big toe.
Painful and black,the nail may go !
Accidents happen I hear you say.
Not normally to me,but yesterday !!!!!!
Mind on the job,but head in the clouds.
Walking and talking to myself !
Easing my way through the day.
Then suddenly it "happened" oh I had to pay !!
Watch what your doing,look after yourself.
Stay in good spirits,and keep good health.
Stick to the rules,and you'll never go wrong !
Break them once "And Look What Happens"

Monday, 22 December 2008

New Year 2009

As we prepare to wave goodbye to 2008,lets remember that whatever 2009 has in store for us we have to take it with both hands and work through it !!!!
The "New Year" is always a time of celebration,and so it should be,so enjoy the merriment but know your limit,and be responsible !
A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL ..................... WHEN IT ARRIVES !!!!!

Saturday, 20 December 2008

" Naughty Santa"

Merry Christmas Rudolf said.
As Santa Clause rolled out of bed !
Your at it again,you drunken git.
And you've dropped us in IT !
The rest of us wont fly tonight.
Your so drunk,and that isn't right !
The boys and girls will be left to pine.
And because of you,we're loosing time !
The Christmas elf's will do the job.
Your getting old you silly sod.
Time and again you've been told.
The time has come ! your out in the cold.
It's Christmas eve,we have to fly.
Places to go,we have to try.
To fill the socks of those girls and boys.
With lots and lots of lovely toys.
So when you hear us call tonight.
Remember Santa ! oh he was a sight.
We left him home drunk in bed.
So have an elf-en Christmas instead !!!!!!!!

Thursday, 18 December 2008

In at the "Deep End"

Many years ago,at this time of year I was "FULL" of festive spirit !
Not because of drinking it !! but just through sheer hard work.
For my sins I chose to become a Chef,and this time of year we used to "SCREAM"
But that was over 25 years ago,and apart from the odd occasion my kitchen duties are over.
OR SO I THOUGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today, everything that I had done years ago ( Catering ) came flooding back !
I was asked to cook "Christmas Dinner" for 70 people !!! what a challenge, but one to relish.
Rolled up the sleeves,sharpened the knives,and off we went - a great success- but as I said in the title....................................

Saturday, 13 December 2008


Its hard to say "Sorry" to a friend !
Because friendships are made,and you hope they never end.
Its hard to say "Sorry" to a friend.
But things that are broken,are always there to mend !
If I've hurt you,apologies from my heart.
True friendship runs deep,although we are far apart !
Life, is a canvas awaiting the artist brush.
Each stroke tells a story,every colour enriches.
So release your artistic Passion,let the paint take away the worry.
And all I want to say is "I'M VERY,VERY, "SORRY"

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

"Mothers" ( Are for life - Not just for Christmas!! )

What are mothers all about!
They give us life,and smother us with love.
Call you son/daughter and guide you on your way.
When your a youngster she wipes your face with her "Hankie" !
When you become a teenager your told what time to be home at night !
You leave home and get married,she then becomes a MOTHER IN LAW !!!!
The next question "When am I to be a Grandma !!"
But this is all done with the best possible taste.
After ALL your Mother is your Mother and she is here for you when ever needed

Saturday, 6 December 2008

"Smile" and be "Happy"

The sun is shining !
its a winters day.
NO more rain,well not today.
Time to shop and enjoy the day !
Breakfast first,a hot cup of tea.
Orange juice and bacon that's
for me !
My weekend treat,breakfast in bed !
thanks for that,enough said.
So enjoy the weekend.
Take it all in your stride.
"Smile" and be happy.
AND GET OUT OF BED !!!!!!!!!