Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Festive Thanks

As I laid you down
beneath that rich dark earth.
My heart began to quiver
In my mind that thought!

I have lost you Dad?
is all my mind would say.
I have lost you Dad
and it's not just for today?

How many of us have said these words
each and every single day!
To have loved and lost someone "Great"
My god,what else can we say!!!

I have lost you Dad
but not for good!
Because in our heart we know
you were wonderful and full of Love.

So every year
at this festive time.
I think of you
And put it into rhyme. 

I "Thank You Dad"
for being there
You made my life
I knew you cared.

"Merry Christmas"...... 2010

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Cold,Cold Frosty Morning!!

What a day to contemplate!
What a day to think!
An icy cold winters day.
Not the day to drink?

Keep warm and cosy inside.
And healthy you will stay.
As the cold and frosty outside.
Makes you very easy prey!!

You know it makes sense
Be sure to stay in doors
As the cold,cold frosty morning
Will be nipping at your toes.

Help is close at hand
When ever your in doubt
Just phone,call or text
Or maybe even shout!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Another Twist in "The Road" ????

When everything seems to be back to normal - "BANG" - and another twist in my "Long and Winding Road"  In the last 2 years or so I have had some major twists to face,what with the death of my dad,and a life threatening illness to a friend things couldn't have got much worse!!!!!


Out of the blue this Monday 15 November 2010 and without any prior warning my dear wife suffered a heart attack,what a shock! at the tender age of 55 I was devastated to say the least. I must first of all thank with all my heart the people involved in this life changing event.Firstly my neighbour,who had the strength of mind to reassure my wife and get her to the doctor.To the doctor and ALL the staff at the surgery (They were fantastic) The paramedics and ambulance guys (Worth your weight in GOLD) And my biggest thanks to each and everyone of the staff at U.H.C. in Coventry from the cleaners,nurses,doctors and surgeons I thanks you from the bottom of my "HEART" --- The N.H.S. take a lot of stick from Joe public,but my experience over the last few days has been nothing short of FANTASTIC.

Ending on a positive and happy note,just received a text from the lady herself,in good spirits,procedure done and looking forward to coming home.

Fellow bloggers and friends,sorry for taking this little bit of space up,but as I said at the beginning of my blog:

"I write what I Feel - And Feel what I write" -    Many Thanks

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Healing Hands

He feels,
He touches
He prods
And pokes.

He looks
He listens
He frowns
And jokes.

The body he knows
The mind is alert
His fingers are nimble
But sometimes hurt

He keeps good council
Never speaks out of turn
And eager to learn

Good physiotherapists
Are hard to find
They keep you strong in the body
And healthy in Mind. 

Thursday, 4 November 2010

That Time Again!

Leaves are falling
Leaves are falling
Falling to the ground.

The sky is grey
The wind is raw
And Autumn is all around.

The time of year
It's in between
Our summer and winter time.

The seasons come
The seasons go!
Sending a tingle down my spine..

Be thankful for
Our changing weather
Because that what keeps us ALL together!!!!!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

A Pair of Pears!

The pear is a fruit 
that falls from the tree.

But a pair of pears
a sight too see.

Conference or Williams
red or green

This fruit is the King
or even the Queen

Five a day of fruit and veg
the health chiefs say it will give you the edge!

Enjoy your fruit
the body cares!

A wonderful sight
A "Pair of Pears"

Sunday, 6 June 2010



Just let it go!


                ALONE, on this autumn morn.

Wind in the trees, sun in the sky.

Shadows dance on marble stones

And still we wonder why!


Leaves swirl, cones drop.

It's not cold,

It's autumn!

Colours flash by my eyes, so bold!


Heart oval, square and round.

Gifts, tokens of love.

Adorn this ground.

For you and I too see.


I know I ask this question why!

There is NO answer,

NO reason.

Just let it go.

And say "Goodbye"



You have found heaven
Peace, tranquility, solace
what more can you ask for!
As it's said in the song
" Heaven is a place on earth"
And you've found it!
Keep it close to your heart for ever.

Broken Body!


(Man flu or Not!!!)



Heart beat echoes,

Like a banging drum.

Pulse is racing

Is there more to come!


Head is pounding

Hot or Cold!

Throat is raw, like broken glass

Hope this pain not going to last!


Is it a fever!

Is it a cold!

Is it anything!

Or am I getting old!


The pain will go

The fever will pass

I'm not ill!

Just look in the glass!


The glass is empty

The potion is gone

I'm feeling better

The body's not wrong!



Monday, 31 May 2010

This is something I wrote 2 years ago, I put it away and forgot about it. Today I came across my old book and decided it was time to put it in print.



"A Narrowing OF My Road"


My blog is called "The Long and Winding Road" and is a collection of my thoughts as I travel along my road (The road is "Life") We as individuals all have a road to walk, for some of us the path is flat and smooth, for others rocky and uneven.

My road began to narrow very recently! This was caused by the sad and untimely death of my Dad. A major Juncture in my life, and one that will take months if not years to comprehend.

Suddenly out of the blue my road begins to widen? A very dear friend whom I had not seen or heard of for over 20 years got in touch, a ray of sunshine to brighten a very gloomy few months.

But then like a bolt of lightening my road starts to narrow once again? My friend is diagnosed with a medical condition that requires immediate radical surgery!!!!!

The moral of this short message is : Whatever life throws your way – "YOU" have to stay strong, use your network of friends. And remember to walk with pride down that "Long and Winding Road"


Success is a "Journey" and not a "Destination"

Remember those days!

 Remember those days in that old school yard?
We were young,
Innocent, bold but smart.

Days were long, and full of fun
So many memories
With lots more to come.

Classrooms were full, and never dull
Old fashioned milk bottles
The government rule.

That little glass bottle
And that long white straw
With its silver top, we all wanted more.

That yearly medical!
The nit nurses grin
Hoping your head held nothing within?

But oh how I remember, that old school yard
When the summers were long
Those times were hard.

I look back on those days
And smile with pride
Those old school days, there was nothing to hide.

Sunday, 30 May 2010


Flip-Flop, Flip-Flop
A shoe of comfort
Shoe or not?

Wet or dry
They mould the soul.
All colours of the rainbow
Causing damage untold.

The sun is out
Weather is warm.
These barmy days
When Flip-Flops are worn.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Hot Sun

Early morning, up it comes
bright and yellow with work to do?

Some like it hot?
Some like it cool?

The "Sun" don't care!!!!
It's just

Stay safe ALL - and enjoy it

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Smell those flowers?
feel the warmth of the sun.
Tread that lush green grass
there is so much more to come?

The gate swings open
and I walk inside.
A sight to behold
and there's no where to hide.

Rows of granite, black and grey
glint in that sun that shines all day.
It's Sunday morning,a day of rest.
But,for me it's the day, I like best?

My time to say thanks for the years that he gave
When I visit the cemetary,and my dads grave.
Two years have past,your memory lives on
in the flowers,the garden in them your one?

The moment has come,I open the gate
and say goodbye,it's getting late.
Untill next Sunday the aniversary date
                                                  when I'll be back to open the gate

Saturday, 15 May 2010

The Message

The mobile vibrates
and it makes it's sound.
The supermarkets full
there's people around.

Do I answer now?
or wait till later.
I grab a drink
and buy a paper.

Away from the crowd
out in the sun.
Answer the phone
it has to be done.

A great little text
from a friend far away.
And oh,how that message
brightend my day.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

A spring in my step

The evenings are lighter!
The days are long.
The birds keep singing
their favourite song!

The sun keeps shining.
The sky is blue.
With smiles on our faces
there's plenty to do!

This warm spring evening
is coming to an end.
So it's good night from me
and all the best I send.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Morning Blues

Time to sit and think?
and wonder what to do?

Time to put the kettle on
and make myself a brew.

It's another day at the coal face 
another day of grind.

So lets get that kettle boiled
while I make up my mind?

Am I very happy?
or do I make life very hard?

I just try to do the best I can
but,i'm always on my guard.

Thank God it's nearly Friday
the weekends nearly here.

Time to take some R&R
and I may even have a beer.

Thank you ALL for listening
to my hearty tales of woe.

I wish you ALL god speed
as off to work you go.  


Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Happiness will never come to those who fail to apreciate what they already have???

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Look inside!
A look of emptiness
As she peered into the mirror
What did life throw at me?

Her nakedness
Covered only by the warmth
Of the evening

She is looking for answers??
Looking deep
Very deep

It hurts - an inner pain
that only "she" understands?
It hurts !

Why does no one see?
Or do they?
Maybe – Maybe – Maybe

Why me?
She asks again and again
Why me?

Life must go on?
Life "Will" go on?
She has a life to LIVE

The image is me!
I am life
And the answer is????????

Look deep and the answer
Is there to be found



First we have the sunshine

Then we have the snow!

Someone please tell the weather

Where on earth to go?


We don't have icebergs

Polar bears or wolves

But plenty snow and ice

So always wearing gloves


On day the spring will come

With flowers buds and birds

The sun will open its eyes

And shine until it hurts


So keep that thought in mind

And sleep with it close to your heart

And when this snow is washed away

Our springtime will open and start...........


Thursday, 18 February 2010

Oh no, not more "Snow"


Standing there with hands on hips

Looking at the sky

Watching the drips


Rain, Sleet its cold and grey

I hope this weathers

Not here to stay?


Suddenly a flurry

With large, large flakes

A crisp white carpet, that's what it makes


Here today

And it's not going to go

Oh my God, not more "Snow"


Tuesday, 16 February 2010

A Trip to A&E





Blood, Blood red

And it trickled down my face.


In my mind I hear a voice

Pressure Pressure

It's my choice?


Do I run? Do I walk?

Heart is pumping

Got to talk.


First aid, bandage

Plaster and wipe

Got to keep thinking, and thinking right.


Pressure Pressure

The bleeding has slowed

Covered in blood where once it flowed.


Look in the mirror, wipe myself clean

Doctor or hospital

I'm not keen???


The boss said home

NO time for tea

Off on my travels

"A Trip to A&E"







Sunday, 14 February 2010



Love and Pride


Red roses and wine,

Chocolates divine.


Love and bliss

A valentine kiss


Love each other

Every day


Be open and truthful

You'll never stray.


Valentine day is work of art

Hearts and flowers are always a part.


Love and happiness in every way

Especially for you on this "Valentines Day"





Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Forget yesterday, Enjoy today, And look forward to tomorrow! e/r

Monday, 25 January 2010


It's Hard to Say "Goodbye"




It's hard to say goodbye

I'm so very far away.

Those words, thoughts and sentiments

Is something we always say!



To lose someone that's close to me

Is hard to understand!

But to lose my beloved sister

I can not comprehend!



We lived on separate islands

Held apart by the sea

But that bond we had as sisters

Was very dear to me



The time has come, for you to rest

And sit at Gods right hand

Look down upon us everyday

We know and understand



Rest in peace my sister dear

Your memory will never die

So all I have to say to you is

"It's hard to say goodbye"




R.I.P. "May"


Sunday, 17 January 2010

Make someone smile everyday,and see how "You" feel !
The more we think! the more we learn!
Every exit, is an entrance somewhere else!

Thank God for Little Things!


Thank you God for the little things

That often comes our way.


The things we take for granted

But don't mention when we pray!


The unexpected courtesy,

The thoughtful, kindly deed –


A hand reached out to help us

In the time of sudden need –


Oh make us more aware, dear God

Of little daily graces.


That comes to us with "sweet surprise"

From never – dreamed – of places.



Helen Steiner Rice