Monday, 31 May 2010

Remember those days!

 Remember those days in that old school yard?
We were young,
Innocent, bold but smart.

Days were long, and full of fun
So many memories
With lots more to come.

Classrooms were full, and never dull
Old fashioned milk bottles
The government rule.

That little glass bottle
And that long white straw
With its silver top, we all wanted more.

That yearly medical!
The nit nurses grin
Hoping your head held nothing within?

But oh how I remember, that old school yard
When the summers were long
Those times were hard.

I look back on those days
And smile with pride
Those old school days, there was nothing to hide.


paulboo said...

Some memories revived here, that daily half pint of milk and nits! I had the milk of course but luckily no nits!!

er said...

I had them both mate,part of the school life way back then?? Did you have your milk in "Glass" bottles,and were a milk monitor- Hmmmmm those days!!!!!

paulboo said...

Glass for sure, that was all there was back in the dark ages LOL!

er said...

Yep you got it,milk ice lolly during the winter,and the stink of sour or warm milk in the summer?????? In the "Dark Ages" ??? power cuts,or pre 70s???

All the best Paul,my primary school days were back in the early 60s ---- so yeah,"The Dark Ages"