Monday, 30 November 2009

The Star

Follow that star
I hear them say!
Follow that star
it's not that far away!
Follow that star
to the end of the world!!!!!!!!!!!
The first frosty night is on the cards!
It's cold.
It's white.
But it looks so good!
The first frosty night is on the cards.
Wrap up warm.
And stay inside.
It feels so "Good"

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Faithful Friends !!!!!!!!!

Faithful friends
are hard to find!
They keep you sane
and strong in mind!
They listen,digest
and take on board.
Your thoughts and worries
to ease your hurt!
That hurt it comes
in many guises.
But they work it through
so there are NO surprises!
So "Thank" your friends
for being around.
They help keep your
Body,Mind and Soul........... SOUND!!!!!!

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Pull me into your arms.
Hold me close.
And whisper softly.
I'm yours.
The petals of the flower
fall and dry.
But our love is forever
It will never die.
Hear the "words"
Read the "words"
Then think?
Do not judge
Just listen.
Open your mind.
Be there when
Time & Friends
"Great Healers"

Friday, 13 November 2009

A Festive Treat

What a treat?

Crisp and golden

Sugar coated

With a hint of festive cheer!

Smell the mood!

Open your mind and dream

Citrus, cinnamon,

A touch of orange.



Cream or butter

Whatever your choice

Christmas is coming

So treat yourself

And enjoy A wonderful "Mince Pie"


She sits in her room

Curtains closed

As the tears stream

Down her beautiful face.

Their record still ringing

In her ears......


She asks herself


The clock ticks

And ticks away

Minutes become hours

Hours become days.

But still she asks


The answer can only

Come from within!

As the dawn breaks

She dries her eyes

Opens her window to the world

Another day, another challenge

Life will go on

She will survive

That beautiful face

Will smile once again!