Monday, 30 March 2009

Travel Back

What would it be like to travel back. back in time. back in time. What would it be like to be back into the 60s! Beehive haircuts,slick back hair. Rock in Roll music,those old plastic chairs. What would it be like to travel back. back in time. back in time. Hippie culture alive and well free love for all,who can tell! Acid, speed,psychedelic shades around in the 60s!the memory fades. What would it be like to travel back. travel back! travel back ! Memories,Memories are all we have of that time in the past,when we were happy not sad. So close your eyes,and: Travel back! Travel back!

My Canine Friend

He moves so swift like an arrow in flight. His sleek young body is bold and bright. Movements are graceful, his manners are not. He knows he’s cleaver! And that’s a lot! Never a dull moment since he’s been around. His laughs and chuckle are like no other sound. Breakfast is early – and always on time. But he never notices whether I have mine! Head held high, he walks with pride. Smart and elegant, with every stride. That face tells a story every day. I hope my friend is here to stay! He will stay for some time to come. And he feels just like my long lost son. He laughs and cries, he’s happy and sad! He’s a fine dog, and his name is LADD.

Sunday, 29 March 2009

I'm Now Eighteen !

A poem written for a friends daughter, her brother was sadly killed last year. Now that I am eighteen. It’s very clear to see. Why my mum,my dad and family. Are very dear to me. We’ve been through a lot. Through out my eighteen years. The up’s and down’s of life. Have brought me many tears. But I thank you all for giving me The love and tender care. That has brought me through these eighteen years With lots of love to spare. I have come through childhood. Adolescence too And now that I am an adult. I’m supposed to know what to do! So thanks to my family. My friends and everyone I know. I’m eighteen and an adult. With lots of time to grow!

British Summer Time

British summer time starts today 29/03/2009 How may of you got out of bed 1 hour late! Who cares! The lighter nights are now coming fast. We now get a chance to do ALL those jobs we have been putting off over the winter! Maybe or Maybe not! Or just get outdoors and enjoy the good weather. Spring and Summer are great seasons,and hopefully the "SUN" will shine. Lets ALL enjoy the coming "Summer Time"

Saturday, 28 March 2009

It's Your Birthday (Dad)

Today’s “Your” Birthday. But this year it’s different! We are finding it hard, You not being with us. How many times can we say? “We miss you”! It hurts like hell, each and every day. But today, we celebrate your birthday. This would have been your 78th year. But it’s not to be, we all know why. Illness overcame you. And we had to say “Goodbye” We will never forget you. And you will always be with us. Spring will follow winter. Summer and autumn flourish But today it’s “Birthday” And something we will cherish.


Why oh Why I hear you cry. As you wipe away that tear. Is it me ! Is it you! Now it’s becoming clear The fight is real, we chase the cause. No matter what it brings. For in our hearts we know the truth. It’s life, It’s love and wonderful things. These things are yours to cherish. With family and your friends. So keep that smile upon your face. As friendship NEVER ends!

Friday, 27 March 2009

"Conviction of the Soul"

You can bend but never break me because it only serves to make me more determind to achive my final goal.And I come back even stronger Not a novice any longer because you've deepened the
Conviction in my Soul !

"Scented Gift"

This scented gift was sent with love.And sent with you in mind.This scented gift was sent with love.There are "NEVER" two of a kind.A rainbow of colour,arranged with care.Placed in a vase for you to stare.Stare in wonder at this beautiful gift.The smell,the colours just give you that liftFrom this very special."Scented Gift"

Food For Thought!

My name is Bunter, Billy of course. That fun loving lad that eat’s like a horse. My stomach is fat, solid and round. But I move very quietly never making a sound. Stealing food is an obsession of mine ! To make a feast to have a good time. When boys and girls are wrapped up tight. I creep out slowly in the dead of night. Fat is fun, so people say ! Happy and bubbly your supposed to stay. But the truth of the matter is here to see. Depressed and lonely is all you’ll be. Now I have a friend called Dyna-mite. She’s chunky and strong and knows how to fight. But she too needs to lose some weight. To fight the flab before it’s to late. So with your help and a guiding arm. We’d love to try a little health farm. The clean fresh air would do us good. And pump us full of fresh new blood.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

A Night To Remember !

Dad, It’s “New Years Eve” and my night to remember! Six months have passed, but it still doesn’t ease the pain. Each week we sit and talk, I know it’s not in vain. I will never forget THE TIMES WE SHARED. We walked. We talked. We laughed. And cried. We did it ALL, and did it together. We never were a touchy – feely family! BUT you knew how we ALL thought. You knew each and everyone of us,and by God you did !!!!!!!!!! We walked. We talked. We laughed. And cried. How do we begin to rebuild our lives ! Only we as a family know the answer to that one ! But we know that you are with us each and everyday. And for that we are eternally grateful. We walked. We talked. We laughed. And cried. I thank you for the time you gave us. Knowing full well it was without conditions. Your time with us was full and joyous. We know your here, and still you’ll guide us. We walked. We talked. We laughed. And cried. Time to close and say goodnight, not goodbye ! NO goodbye is final, this isn’t the end. My love and best wishes you know I’ll send. Because “Dad” you were my friend. ................ 31/12/08

The Gift

When you ask God for a gift Be thankfull for what he sends Not diamonds,pearls or riches. But the love from real true friends.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009


The more you give! The more you get! The more you think! The less you fret! The less you cry ! The more you smile! The more you ask ! The more WE give ! Thats what friends are for.

A Teachers Torment !

From the emerald isle this lady came. With plenty of love, but little to gain. To teach the children near and far. Her thoughts and ways weren’t bizarre. She learnt her trade from people so wise. That maybe one day she would compromise. Young and old she did teach. But some of them were out of reach. The obstructive children laugh and scorn. At the child who is wise and wants to learn. But what can she do! She is out of touch. With these stupid kids that hurt so much. Many times each week they try to ride. This wonderful teacher that’s trapped inside. She knows her job! And what to do. But that bloody school it’s like a zoo. Animals they are and animals they will stay. Because they can’t be taught the proper way! So my teacher friend you see. It’s rough and tough you have to be. So teacher from the emerald isle. Be sure to keep that loving smile. And if in the end you can not train Well – they’ve only got themselves to blame!

"Loving Daughter"

She is your world, or part of it ! She is your heart, the whole of it! She is your friend, that keeps you sane! She is your "life" that eases the pain! She is your mind, body and soul. She is your "Loving Daughter"

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The Old Man Of Rock

He struts his stuff across the stage. The old man of rock never shows his age. Handbags and glad rags a wonderful song Whatever he sings he can do NO wrong ! Mr Stewart a Scot by name , He’s known as Rod because of his fame . That great brogue voice like gravel and sand Makes him a hit with any band. At the Ricoh Arena we sat in awe With our hero from the 80s begging for more. We sang and screamed and danced with joy. Just like a kid with a much loved toy ! We thank you Rod for making our year For giving us pleasure for all to share. You gave us songs that will never die And in the end I had to cry.


You are walking through a garden. A garden full of scent. With a border full of flowers. Or is this just something I have dreamt!
But dreams can make us think! In a state of unborn bliss. They keep us safe and happy. This is something we will miss!
We wake every morning. Without thought or care. Just knowing life is out there. For you and I to share.
So go to bed at night. And dream your dreams away. Into that land of pleasure. You may even wish to stay!

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Mothering Sunday

Mothers day has come around I hope your presents have all been found! We thank you mums,for all your time your happiness,your love and just being kind. Today's your day,enjoy and have fun and just remember,your someones mum! Your child or children will want to say have a very "HAPPY MOTHER DAY"

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Well done to ALL the "Winners"

My predictions were ALL right !!!!!! Well done to England,France and a special "WELL DONE" TO Ireland A great win,well deserved,and a very long time coming !!!!!!! I look forward to next year,and maybe England could be in with a shout !!!!!!

Today's the Day !!

Today is the day to nail your colours to the mast! That is if your a rugby fan !!! England,Ireland,Scotland,Wales,France and Italy The "Six Nation" comes to it's climax today. MY PREDICTION : England - Win Ireland - Win ( The Grand Slam - first time since 1948 !!!!! ) Sorry Wales I know St Patrick was welsh at birth !!!!! France - Win Whatever the results - Enjoy the sport,Enjoy the day, and may the best team on the day WIN

Thursday, 19 March 2009

The Book Of Life

As a new day dawns. A new chapter begins. A line becomes a page. A page becomes a book. The book becomes a best seller. But only you know what tomorrow brings.

Thanks "Friend"

What a day!
Sun is out.
It's warm.
Not a cloud in the sky.
Am I dreaming !!!!!!!
It was great to hear from a friend today.
Made me smile,put a spring in my step.
Friends are what we all need !
They put that little something into your "Life"

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

I cry inside. I need to hide My emotions Why!!!!!!!!

It’s easy to laugh. But not to cry Someone please Tell me why!!!!!!!

Not only me. Many we here. Cry in pain. And live in fear.

Fear from embracement Laughter or scorn. Just show your feelings It’s not wrong.

Time will lift that dark veil And love and kindness will prevail Our inner strength will bring us through And for ALL your help “I Thank You”

A Birthday wish ( With a Difference! )

As I stand and gaze through the dazzling sun and look across rows and rows of marble. I smile to myself, and feel happy and whole but inside a feeling of emptiness. It's only been a few shot months and the heartache is still fresh and raw. Time will heel,that's all I seem to hear Yeah, I believe it,but today it's hard! If it was your birthday,I would sent you flowers maybe take you out for dinner. You would be grateful, and bold over by the thought after all that's what birthdays are for. But Today,18th March used to be a special day and it still is! but in a different way! This was my Dads birthday,great you might say, well it would have been a year ago! That's why this is a celebration with a difference a celebration of Dads life !!!!!! Sadly he died 10 months ago Gone but not forgotten R.I.P Dad,and ALL those dads around the world who have left us - but still here in spirit.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

"Irish Passion"

I dont understand!
I cant begin to understand!
What is there to understand!
I'm not sure!
Today is St Patrick's Day.
A big "Happy St Patrick's Day" wish to ALL.
But this is my dilemma !
ST PATRICK'S DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 14 March 2009

The six Nations ( Nearly Over! )

The oval ball is a funny game
rough by nature,but it's all the same.
these are all our British males.
And not forgetting the two other nations!
the French and Italians try or patience.
The games today could make you weep
that's if you weren't falling asleep.
Wales took on Italy,just managed a win,
and Ireland in the end put Scotland in a spin!
Next week the nations fight it out
that's Wales and Ireland without a doubt.
England and France tomorrow will be,
a fight to the death,kick off at three.
Chabal and friends will be fired and hearty
there coming tomorrow to spoil the party!!!!
I hope and pray they pen them in,
and England come away with the "WIN"
Rugby is a sport,played with patience!
Especially when were talking of the Great "Six Nations"

The Morning Sun

The sun is up,the birds are in song.
It's Saturday morning,but wont be for long!
Out of bed,get on with the day.
Oh - sorry! in bed some of you stay!!
Clean fresh air this time of day
the smog and the dirt have gone away.
Open your lungs and breath it in
it's free,invigorating,and defiantly for me.
As winter clears from our mind
look round the corner,spring is kind.
Flowers in bud,fresh looking trees
lots to do for the birds and bees.
My final verse here today
is to ask you ALL to enjoy your day.
Smile at someone,make them laugh
and "Enjoy the Day"

Friday, 13 March 2009

Enjoy! and Give if you can!!!

Many friends,many hands
stretched out to welcome ALL.
Many friends,many hands
here to have a ball!
Red nose day,fun for us All
just give some money,and make that call!
For many people across the land
sometimes need a help in hand.
Actors,film stars,performers and more
giving their time like before!!
Every year we fight the cause
in the hope that one day, no more !!!!!!!!!!!
So enjoy the day,dig deep,give if you can.
And help with this great fund raiser.
THANK YOU............................................

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Deal or NO Deal !!!!

Just watched a young lady win £250,000 on a TV program !!!!!!!
What would you do with it !
The list would be endless,in my case the usual !
Then What!
Invest - In What!
With the credit crunch,what would you invest in.
A little something for us ALL to Dream over.
"Sweet Dreams"! are made of this !!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 9 March 2009


Have "YOU EVER "walked that long path in life
and wondered where it would lead!
But,at each and every cross roads you stop and "Think"!
Maybe you shouldn't stop!
Just take the plunge and see what happens!!!
Is this the "Philosopher" in me !! Or time to "Do something" !!!!!!

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Herbs & Spices

Parsley,Sage,Rosemary and Thyme.
Dill,Chives,and Bay are fine.
Basil,Corriander,Oregano and Mint.
Left out Tarragon,just a hint!
A blend of "Herbs" will add that touch
to all that food we love so much.
Cinnamon,Nutmeg,Ginger and Mace.
Cloves and Turmeric will keep the pace.
In all our kitchens the smell is nice.
Not forgetting Star Anise and the great Allspice!
Enjoy your food,and keep in mind.
These "Herbs & Spices" all the Time.

Mothers Day

Mothers day is on the way!
Commercial fund raiser!
A day of rest for your Mum!
Sunday 22nd March don't forget.
Your mum gave you life!
What you do with it is up to you!
BUT saying "Thanks" to her
Costs nothing !!!!!!!!!!!!
So,go that extra mile
Whether she is near or far
Send or give that little extra
"YOU" will feel better for it !!!!!!!

Saturday, 7 March 2009

This is it !!!!!

This is it!
He has said "This is the last time"
He looks fit.
He looks well.
I wished I looked that good at his age!
Has he run out of money!
Dressed to "Thrill"
A voice to kill.
Idolized by Millions!!!!!!!!
Of course you've guessed !!!!!!
"Michael Jackson - Is Back In Town"

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Question yourself !!!!!

What are we worth! A question, not mirth! Money,Health,Happiness "What"! What do we do! Is it time to write a will! Maybe "Not" - Or "Maybe"! Decisions,decisions,decisions. Or should we, just let it pass us by. We wont live forever - "Fact"! But memories will. Do what you think is right for you! Remember "Time" is endless.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

"Close Your Eyes"

If I close my eyes and imagine.
A warm Summers day!
With wasps and bees all buzzing.
And birds singing away.
It's very easy to imagine.
Those warm barmy days.
As the evenings are getting lighter.
Summer will soon be in place.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

A Night Out

A deserted street on a winters night.
With an orange glow from one street light
The moon is full,and facially proud.
As it shines and shines it's ever so loud!
A sly fox saunters across the road.
Lit by that warm, orange glow.
Piercing eyes,and a bushy tail
It's out to eat,it looks so frail.
Urban foxes,cats and dogs.
Creep through the night "Silently"
Looking for food,sniffing it out.
It's very,very hard! nothing about.
Dawns approaching,the suns coming up.
There heading for home,kennel or den.
Another night over,a good time had.
Off to bed,they are so,so glad.

Monday, 2 March 2009

The Power of "Paint" !

This morning at work I came across this vision!
I could not believe what I was looking at!
This in my opinion is "ART" at it's highest degree!
We as a nation chastise the youth of today!
BUT if they can produce work like this THEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will nail my colours to the cross,and say