Saturday, 28 March 2009

It's Your Birthday (Dad)

Today’s “Your” Birthday. But this year it’s different! We are finding it hard, You not being with us. How many times can we say? “We miss you”! It hurts like hell, each and every day. But today, we celebrate your birthday. This would have been your 78th year. But it’s not to be, we all know why. Illness overcame you. And we had to say “Goodbye” We will never forget you. And you will always be with us. Spring will follow winter. Summer and autumn flourish But today it’s “Birthday” And something we will cherish.


Toodles said...

you will remember each birthday,

thinking of you all!

er said...

Every birthday and every event,I am sure you do the same ! Many thanks for your thoughts toodles,much appriciated.