Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Festive Thanks

As I laid you down
beneath that rich dark earth.
My heart began to quiver
In my mind that thought!

I have lost you Dad?
is all my mind would say.
I have lost you Dad
and it's not just for today?

How many of us have said these words
each and every single day!
To have loved and lost someone "Great"
My god,what else can we say!!!

I have lost you Dad
but not for good!
Because in our heart we know
you were wonderful and full of Love.

So every year
at this festive time.
I think of you
And put it into rhyme. 

I "Thank You Dad"
for being there
You made my life
I knew you cared.

"Merry Christmas"...... 2010

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Cold,Cold Frosty Morning!!

What a day to contemplate!
What a day to think!
An icy cold winters day.
Not the day to drink?

Keep warm and cosy inside.
And healthy you will stay.
As the cold and frosty outside.
Makes you very easy prey!!

You know it makes sense
Be sure to stay in doors
As the cold,cold frosty morning
Will be nipping at your toes.

Help is close at hand
When ever your in doubt
Just phone,call or text
Or maybe even shout!