Sunday, 25 January 2009

Should we have the right to die !

Just watching this fantastic drama with Julie Walters.
Which has sparked the question in my head.
"Should we have the right to die"
At this moment in time,watching the drama
I can not say "Yes" or "No"
I know it's very emotive,and a question worthy of discussion by government !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 19 January 2009


What would we do without them!
I'm not sure!
And I wouldn't want to find out!
One thing I can be sure of is that
They look GOOD !
They smell GOOD !
And by golly the do us GOOD !
"Thanks Ladies"


Why do us MEN have strange habits!
Don't get me wrong,not all MEN are strange.
Just strange habits.
Why when we have a cold,we think we have FLU!
Why when we have a nose bleed,we have lost pints of blood!
Why do we think ALL women drivers are bad!
Why do we think only MEN know about sport!
The truth is MOST MEN don't "THINK" !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 18 January 2009

"Pink Roses"

Petals well formed,on a lush green stem.
A touch of magic,or a sparkling gem!
A gift from heaven on a winters day.
NO a gift from a son,who's come to pray.
Each Sunday morn,I walk with pride.
Through the wrought iron gates and down to his side!
Glancing at children,who have passed on ahead.
Were here many parents tears have been shed.
The sun pores it's rays all over the ground.
Lighting the granite,the marble and even the sand.
It shines a path through the headstones and flowers.
Like a doctor of love with it's magical powers!
So I bring "Pink Roses" as a mark of respect.
For my Dad who's passed on to the garden of rest
A garden of scent,remembrance,and love.
A fond,fond memory of those up above.
Roses to me are a wonderful flower.
They give such a fragrance,and a feeling of power!
Power is strength,and that's what they give.
Tall and elegant,with the will to live.
Remember your loved ones with flowers all year.
In winter,in summer,in autumn and care !!!
Call here often,bring along your poises.
But I'll bring along my nice "Pink Roses"

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

THINK !!!!

Its hard to think what other people are thinking!
But it's good to be supportive if you can.
When you feel the need to talk,just talk don't bottle it up !

Friday, 9 January 2009

Game off ?

The weather is at it again ? Our Nat 1 game against Sedgley Park has been "Called Off" That now gives us 3 games that have been postponed because of bad weather. Rugby Union boy's are made of strong stuff ! BUT YOU CAN'T BEAT THE WEATHER ..................................
Better luck next week !!!

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

It's cold,It's cold,It's cold outside!
Time to stay warm,or go off and hide!
Winter time,it's not much fun.
We're all looking forward to plenty of sun.
But whats happened to the weather,I hear you say!
It's cold by night,and cold by day!

Friday, 2 January 2009

Family Night Out

Friday night is family night! and this was no exception.
All out together,wife and two teenage lads.
Bellies rumbling,and with a thirst that needed quenching.
Off to the local 2 for 1, cant beat it,good food and cracking value.
Two hours for a relaxing meal and drink.
A nice way to end the festive holiday period.
Four good meals and drinks,and change from £25
Thanks for the "Family Night"

Thursday, 1 January 2009


The end of the year,spent with friends,
talking and drinking.
Trying to make sense of the year gone by !
Wishing and thinking and hoping NOT to cry.
It's been BAD,the worst it could be.
But not wishing to dwell,while in company.
There will be time,for us to say goodbye.
In our own sweet time,we wont have to try !
Lets put our memories in a place.
Were you and I can go and trace.
Our thoughts and feelings of years gone by.
We'll sit and ponder,and ask WHY! WHY ! WHY!
To wonder WHY ! we'll never know.
What did happen,and who could show.
The reason why we lost our Son.
Is that Gods work ! and WHY ! was it done.
We give thanks for the years we had.
The good times,the bad times and the not so bad !
But through out those years we were "NEVER" glum.
Because we knew we had a "Loving Son"