Tuesday, 30 September 2008

"The Road Narrows!"

My blog is called"The Long and Winding Road" and is a collection of thoughts during my journey down the road of life! Each of us has a road to travel,some on flat smooth ground,others on rough and uneven ground! My Road became narrow in recent months,due to the sad and untimely death of my dad ! A major turning point in my life,and one that will take many months if not years to come to terms with. Then suddenly out of the blue a friend, a very good friend whom I had not seen for many,many years contacted me via e-mail.A ray of sunshine to brighten up what had been a dismal few months. But "The Road" was about to narrow again !!! my long lost friend has been diagnosed with an illness that will require major surgery !! it is a road she has to walk. With the help of friends,family and gifted hospital staff her Road although "Long and Winding" will be full of help,support and guidance. So the moral of this story is,be strong use your friends wisely and whatever life throws at "YOU"stay positive and you will come shinning through.

Monday, 29 September 2008

"All Chilled Out"

A bottle of beer. A home cooked meal. Relaxing bath ! Oh the way too feel ! Time to think. Time to reflect What today was all about ! One thing I know ! it's good to be. " ALL CHILLED OUT "

Just another "Manic" Monday !

Busy,Busy. Hustle,Bustle. No time too think ! No time Laugh ! No time to cry ! Just screem it's "Monday" It starts off mad as ever. But soon slips into it's normal rhythm. I should be thankful ! I have a job. Others out there are not so lucky! This "Long and Winding Road" has a lot to answer for !!!!! Keep smiling as you stroll along the road of "Life"

Sunday, 28 September 2008

The road we take in life is as the title suggests " Long and Winding" Never knowing what twists and turns we will take. But be sure of one thing! Without friends to help along the way,the road would be a very lonely place! "NEVER" let true friends down,like good wine they mature with age! And together we as friends will walk the "Long and Winding Road"