Saturday, 28 February 2009

Quote of the week

Statement By: Brian O'Driscoll
"The Ireland Rugby Union Captain"
Knowledge is !
Knowing a tomato is a "Fruit"
Wisdom is !
NOT putting tomato in Fruit Salad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Paddy Power"

Well Done,My Irish Friends !!!!!

Well what can I say!!!
A very poor game by both sides,but in the end our "Friends" from over the water won the day! I suppose "WIN" may be a little generous,but that's what they did! Full credit to the guys from the emerald isle,now they must have their minds firmly set on the grand slam. So many mistakes,but in the end the team with the most points at the end of the game "WINS"
Well Done Ireland,and "All" the Luck in the world for the Grand Slam.
Paddy Power !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ireland v England (Croke Park)

The stage is set for an awesome game.
Croke Park the venue - what a place!
Green,White and Gold.
Red,White and Blue.
Flag colours for ALL,with plenty to view.
Blood,sweat and tears on the green,green grass.
Commitment,commitment is all we ask.
And after 80 mins of "graft" and "toil"
The team with the heart will take the spoil.
May the best team "WIN"

Tuesday, 24 February 2009


The small green shoots are poking through.
Springtime is coming with lots to do.
Hyacinth,Crocus,and daffodils abound.
Oceans of colour all around.
Pink,White,Yellow and Blue.
Soft spring flowers all for you.
Collected by children,to give to their mum.
With thought and love,it's always done.
It's done to please,and make you smile.
These flowering bundles are put on trial.
To grow and flourish,into fine young plants.
Their sweet,sweet smell is there to enhance.
In your garden,window box or lawn.
They await the sun,and the breaking dawn.
With open eyes they jump and shine.
Because it's here our wonderful "Springtime"

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Summers on the way

How good it was to see the sun today!
Summer could be on the way.
It was good to see the sun today.
I hope it's here to stay!
Crisp and sunny Saturdays.
Are welcome every week.
As sportsman come out to do their thing.
It's stonking good weather we always seek.
So thank you all for this sunny day.
And hope you all had fun.
The sportsman up and down the country know.
That today you either lost or WON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

25 Years On !

25 years ago my Dad was a mine worker,working for the N.C.B.
25 years on and my Dad is dead,and so is the Coal Industry!
March 12th 1984 was the start of 12 months of hardship.
Still today there are men,families who will NOT talk to each other!
All because of "The Strike"
In the end the only winner was Margaret Thatcher,she got what she wanted!
The men and their families lost out,they came out on strike,had 12 months without money.
Eat in soup kitchens,fought among themselves,and lost long time friendship.
And all for "NOTHING" they went back to work,walking back with pride, BUT gained nothing and LOST a lot.
Was this solidarity ! or was this foolishness !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After 25 years these men lost a lot,and I lost my Dad.


A young girl (15) has a baby,not very good! but NOT unheard of.
A young boy (13) is a father .......... Crazy or what!
How can a BOY of this age EVER contemplate bringing up a baby,he is still one himself !!!!
Why do the parents of the boy want to boast about it!
And in the end up pops Max Clifford - well WHAT a surprise !!!!!!

Sunday, 15 February 2009

The Mind !

What is a mind !
We ALL have a mind !
But do we all use it !
It has a strange way of working !
Somedays we can "Think"
Somedays we can not !
Why do we struggle with our minds !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

A special Day !!!!!!!!!!!!

When cupid pulled back his bow.
He let that special arrow flow!
Away from his hands,so safe and true.
Out into a world of love for you.
Every year it comes around.
14th of Feb safe and sound.
Chocolates,flowers hearts and all.
Cupids arrows waiting to call!
Love is an emotion,hard to define!
A wonderful feeling,something divine.
Heart pumping,stomach churning.
The world of love is full of learning!!
So give your lover a special time.
And be their only "Valentine"!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 7 February 2009

The Oval Ball

It's a game of two halfes so they say!
But how many men will have to pay.
Pay the price for a hard fought game.
That leaves you ALL with lots of pain.
Pain is in the mind I hear you say!
"You" tell those men who need to play.
Comrades and friends they make for life.
It even out strips the love of their wife.
It's in the blood,and blood they give.
For 80 minuets on that field they live.
Sweat and tears,broken limbs,cuts and bruises.
The doctor Wins !!!!!!!!!!!!
So embrace this noble sport my friends.
The Six Nations Championship,on us it depends.
Support your nation,and fly it's flag.
So that in the end the "Champions" Bragg .........