Tuesday, 28 April 2009

A Gift

A box full of colour tied with pride

a lovely red bow,but whats inside?

A gift for a lady,a gift for a man

a boy or a girl or even your gran!

Whatever it is,it's a box full of love

a gift from a friend,oh heavens above!

Enjoy the gift,that's sent from a friend

sent with NO message,and not to offend?

You are a very special friend.

And on someone I know I can depend.

For you ask NO questions,just listen

and give an honest opinion.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Smile & Be Happy ?

Smile at someone everyday! and see how you feel. Laugh,and watch your stress disappear! Be gentle and kind,your reward will be a gift to savour! The moral for us ALL Be kind,gentle,laugh and smile And "YOU" will see and feel the change!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Long Hard Season

I am so tired,I cant keep my eyes open but my mind wont let my body rest. My heart is pounding,my hands sweating but still my mind wont rest. The body is like a train! when fueled up,it's ready to take the strain. To pull and push,and bend and sway just look at your face! and remember today! So by all means work hard,and earn your corn but that body of yours, never scorn! Its brought you through a lot of mess your body "NEEDS" a well earned rest?

Friday, 24 April 2009

The power of suggestion?

Have you ever sat and listened to the grass grow! Lay on your back,looked up to the sky, and watch the clouds flow. Closed your eyes,opened your ears, and heard nothing! Or, sat in the dark and pictured something good. The power of suggestion,a thing to conjure. Good or bad! Evil or sad! We all have the power,we just have to use it! So,close your eyes,and drift away. To a world of pleasure,and paradise. And just remember,this is the real world! Or,is this again the "Power of Suggestion"

Monday, 20 April 2009

Bygone Days

I sit and watch the sun go down and reminisce about the past, and bygone days. When the clock never mattered and the days seemed endless. But why has the world moved on so fast! or,are we standing still, I ask! Gone are the days of innocence now we are asking,what makes sense! As children,we are carefree and simple yet wise in a childlike way! But sooner or later we grow into adulthood strong in body,mind and soul. So encourage the child to live,and love life in a world far removed from reality! And as adults we will remember when we were "Children" !!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 17 April 2009

Dining Out

Looking out of the window wind blowing,grass growing. Rabbits jumping,running for fun Oh I hope my steaks well done! Tables are set,diners eat well waiters,and waitresses dressed in black. Drinks are flowing,voices are raised the place is jumping,but know one is fazed! Eating out on a Friday night pleasure or chore! not sure who's right. Chefs are cursing,the kitchen's hot the orders keep coming,just look what we've got! Another great meal,and thanks to the crew those girls and boys had lots to do. They made our night,and served us well and I'm sure my friends,we have a tale to tell!

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Growing Up

Oh my son,I cant stop you now the time has come for you to spread your wings. Fly,fly like a bird,but go with my blessing and remember,life is for living! Your no longer a child a young man has filled your shoes. It's shower,shave,new clothes and smile the time is here,now walk that extra mile! You will always be the elder: the one who came first! But you have a younger brother and he is proud to burst. May the sun shine upon you and guide you on your way. To a city where you feel at home but we hope you will not stay!!!! The world is your oyster it's closed with a rock hard shell. But please,please remember it's your "Family" you need to tell! Tell us what your feeling the traumas of your teenage years. It's hard becoming an adult But we are your parents,and we really "CARE"

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Bombs and Bullets

Bombs and Bullets. Tanks and Guns. Soldiers running. But not to their mums! War is bloody. People die. And the wives and children will always cry. Rows of white crosses. On new mown grass. These are the reminders Of times in the past. No one wins in times of war. Only pain and death. And an open door. So close the door, and stop the war. Its truth and peace for evermore.

The War

The only war I have ever seen Is on the tele or the big screen. It’s not very nice, and people die. So is this the truth! Or is it a lie! My gran and granddad talk of the war. They say it was nasty. They want no more. The war is over, NEVER again. We now live in peace with all of our men. Lets hope the world stays happy and free. And we all live together in harmony.

Change - Better or Worse ?

Sat here looking out of my window, a window into our world. A world full of change! It's ever so strange. Moving traffic,high viz jackets contract workers making a packet. My window to the world is clouded blighted by progress! Progress we need,but at what cost! A fat developer rubbing his hands or a little old lady without any plans! Why, oh Why are we moving so fast!

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

" Help"

She sits there staring into space what day is it,is it Monday! The room seems warm,but the fire is out! is it Monday she asks again. Why Monday I ask,whats happening on Monday! She shrugs her shoulder,is it raining out today or is the sun coming out to play! Is it Monday! It's hard to watch her growing old. She looks so young,but inside her world is hard her mind is fading,but her heart is strong. Time is not on her side,this must be wrong! I give a gesture,and bid farewell my time to move on,I will pray for her. Is it Monday I hear her say,is it Monday. "Why" I ask ! why Monday ! I don't like Monday's !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 10 April 2009

What does Easter mean to "YOU" ?

A question that I am sure will have many answers! For the younger generation,it's a time for holidays,fun,chocolate Easter eggs and much much more. For the older generation,it's a time to see friends,send greetings,and relax! Many of us young and old,will be looking at Easter with a more spiritual eye,and remembering the sacrifice made over 2,000 years ago,and the rejoicing of what was and is to come! What ever "YOU" are doing this Easter ........ Have FUN - RELAX - AND ENJOY THE HOLIDAY ......................................................

Thursday, 9 April 2009

"The Truth"

Why oh Why I hear you cry. As you wipe away that tear. It's not for me ! Is it you! Now it’s becoming clear The fight is real, we chase the cause. No matter what it brings. For in our hearts we know the truth. It’s life,love and wonderful things. These things are yours to cherish. With family and your friends. So keep that smile upon your face. As friendship NEVER ends!

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The Last Farewell ?

Last night was very,very, difficult ! For those of you how have read my blog over the last six months may understand why I felt sad last night! For those who have not visited this site before,I will keep it brief. October last year a friends son was killed by an idiot who punched him once,and once only.. BUT this blow was enough to put him on life support for 6 days - His distraught parents were told his brain was dead ! and made the very painful decision to let him go - He was "ONLY" 22 years old! Last night my dear friend and his family allowed I.T.V. Channel 4 to show their sons last days,and the families trauma in a fly on the wall documentary on the A/E Dept of a Midlands hospital. My eyes were full with tears of sadness,for William ( I will never see him again ) and for his friends and family - who are left to try and pick up the pieces. R.I.P. - William - The world has lost a true devoted - Son,Brother,Grandson and "DAD"

Monday, 6 April 2009

Dilemma ?

Just spent over an hour on the phone talking to an old colleague who I worked with over 15 years ago. Although we see each other only every few years,we speak at least once a month,mainly about bloke things - Work,Sport,Cars, and occasionally the opposite sex! What a surprise today! he tells me that out of the blue he meets an old girlfriend in a major city street shopping with her daughter.They pass the time of day,and have a pleasant conversation after 30 years or more of not seeing each other. They go their separate ways but before they do exchange phone numbers,yep you've guessed,they arrange to meet again. Another great afternoon,walking down memory lane recalling good and bad,happy and sad times,then the "Bombshell" - Turns out that my old colleague all those years ago - was the father of this ladies daughter - HE was never told,the Daughter was never told,and both my friend and his ex girlfriend have happily married life's,with grown up children! "WHAT A DILEMMA" - What would I DO! - What would you Do! ............................................

Sunday, 5 April 2009

The Princess in Waiting

Dressed in rags and sat alone. Were pretty little Cinders without her thrown? A princess in waiting is what she is. But her cruel sisters have her in a tiss. Why can’t I go to the ball to night! Please someone help me with my plight. Out of the dark, and with a flash. Her fairy Godmother with a handful of cash. But money alone would not sort her out! She needed clothes and transport to give her the clout. Wishes were granted and off to the ball. went Cinders, coachman dress and all. She looked so good in all her wares. That the prince just danced without any cares! But the clock struck 12 and off she ran. As fast as she could without her man! A slipper was dropped as she ran away. And the prince used this to get his way! He married young Cinders and made her his wife. And lived happily together for the rest of their life.

Saturday, 4 April 2009


This is the start of better things to come! Just keep your mind focused on what you want and where you want to go. Everything in life has a purpose; we just have to use this to our advantage!"Feeling Good" is a very positive thought. Keep this as your No1 goal to "FEEL GOOD" no matter what comes your way.Friendship is a priceless gift that can't be bought or sold. And to have an understanding friend ,is worth much more than gold.


I am not so sure it is! You have found heavenPeace,tranquility,solace What more can you ask for! As it's said in the song" Heaven is a place on earth" And you've found it! Keep it close to your heart for ever.

Friday, 3 April 2009


Home is where we sit and eat. Home is where we often sleep. Home is where we shout and cry. Home is where we sometimes die! Home is where we are often born! Home is where we are always drawn. Home is where we see the world. Home is where we do what we’re told. Home is where we learn and grow. Home is where we never say NO. Because “Home is Home”

"Food & Friends"

Eagon Rone's good food guide. Needs to take a walk inside. Inside this cottage far awayon the isle of Uist may I say! The food is good, the company grand. As good as you'll find in any land. So open the door and walk inside. And place it in the good food guide. Local fare for all to see. With special ale and wine for thee. So eat your fill, and thank the host. Cos these friends here, are not here to boast. They have a haven, theirs to keep. A place to live, a place to sleep. So wish them well as they go inside. This is their home and it's filled with PRIDE.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

"A Crofters Ode"

Food and ale hearty and warm.From our island store these were born.Daughter and hubby looking on.Awaiting their dinner,it wont be long.Good ingredients,fresh and fine.Only thing missing!a bottle of wine!Once again you've cooked up a winner.For all the family a woundeful dinner.

The End

The doors are open and swinging wide. There’s no one there its cold inside! White walls that gleam. Antiseptic smell. There’s NO one here it must be “Hell” White sheets are draped from side to side. The cabinet doors are open wide! Name tags hang on a flimsy peg. The doors fly open not a word is said! Men in uniform of white and blue. Asking questions about what to do! They stand and stare at those bare walls. Hoping and praying for NO more calls. Another week is nearly done. A thankless job has just begun. As the trolley trundles to the wide open door I can hear a voice saying “please NO more“ All the people that come this way. Haven’t come far! But have come to stay! It’s cold and empty and grey as lead. Because all these people are stone cold DEAD.