Thursday, 2 April 2009

The End

The doors are open and swinging wide. There’s no one there its cold inside! White walls that gleam. Antiseptic smell. There’s NO one here it must be “Hell” White sheets are draped from side to side. The cabinet doors are open wide! Name tags hang on a flimsy peg. The doors fly open not a word is said! Men in uniform of white and blue. Asking questions about what to do! They stand and stare at those bare walls. Hoping and praying for NO more calls. Another week is nearly done. A thankless job has just begun. As the trolley trundles to the wide open door I can hear a voice saying “please NO more“ All the people that come this way. Haven’t come far! But have come to stay! It’s cold and empty and grey as lead. Because all these people are stone cold DEAD.

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