Sunday, 5 April 2009

The Princess in Waiting

Dressed in rags and sat alone. Were pretty little Cinders without her thrown? A princess in waiting is what she is. But her cruel sisters have her in a tiss. Why can’t I go to the ball to night! Please someone help me with my plight. Out of the dark, and with a flash. Her fairy Godmother with a handful of cash. But money alone would not sort her out! She needed clothes and transport to give her the clout. Wishes were granted and off to the ball. went Cinders, coachman dress and all. She looked so good in all her wares. That the prince just danced without any cares! But the clock struck 12 and off she ran. As fast as she could without her man! A slipper was dropped as she ran away. And the prince used this to get his way! He married young Cinders and made her his wife. And lived happily together for the rest of their life.

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