Tuesday, 14 April 2009

" Help"

She sits there staring into space what day is it,is it Monday! The room seems warm,but the fire is out! is it Monday she asks again. Why Monday I ask,whats happening on Monday! She shrugs her shoulder,is it raining out today or is the sun coming out to play! Is it Monday! It's hard to watch her growing old. She looks so young,but inside her world is hard her mind is fading,but her heart is strong. Time is not on her side,this must be wrong! I give a gesture,and bid farewell my time to move on,I will pray for her. Is it Monday I hear her say,is it Monday. "Why" I ask ! why Monday ! I don't like Monday's !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


SarahA said...

Oh I do like his, you. Hits me hard true.
The only part that gives me puzzlement is 'but inside her world is hard her mind is fading'
I'm thinking maybe a typo there, yes?
I think a lovely write though, you.

er said...

yep,your right Sarah it's a typo - but I will leave it as a reminder to me!!!!!

Dont know where this came from,just sat staring out of a window and "Bang" off I went.

Once again,Many Thanks for your comments........................