Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Where do you start!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is not a poem or pro! just taking time out to talk about a young man (18) who sustained some very bad injuries in a car accident some 5 weeks ago.This young man is my wife's nephew Luke - his car left the road in the early hours of a dry May morning,he lay trapped in his car for over 6 hours without been seen!
When he was spotted by a member of the public the alarm was raised and into action the emergency services went.Three hours later the lad was extricated from the car and taken by helicopter to Birmingham (The accident happened in Hereford) his injuries were life threatening and he had so many problems it was a worry for the whole family.He made steady progress over the coming weeks after been kept in an induced coma for some time,the surgeons worked on him every other day trying to rebuild shattered limbs and improve his situation.
Yesterday he was transferred to Oswestry to a specialist hospital,and today came the shock of all shocks - Luke will never walk again? he is paralyzed and will be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life,as I stated in the header
"Where Do You Start" !!!!!!!!!!!!