Saturday, 16 August 2014

First week of two !!!!

well,my first week of holidays 2014 and its been full of trips out and about. My eldest son (Matthew) and his girlfriend (Jess) were down visiting from Manchester. So what do we do with 2 young adults (Ah ... sorry forgot to mention my youngest son Lewis 20 and his girlfriend Lauren) well on with the thinking caps and see what we come up with !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Out to eat twice at the 2 for1 and the Harvester
Took their gran out for her 81st birthday
Visit the Monkey Forest at Trentham Gardens
Visit Coventry City Centre
Took gran (My mum) to hospital Wednesday morning to have a cataract removed.
A day out in Coombe Abby Country park
Saturday morning visit wellsbourne market
Sunday a trip back to Manchester.

A busy,busy week with a lot of laughs,looking forward to the next time.