Saturday, 19 March 2011

Many Thanks

I must take time to send a very big "Thank You" to ALL the doctors and staff at Salford Royal Hospital Manchester. My son (Matthew) aged 20 phoned me on Friday afternoon in tears! - he was at work in the Trafford Center Manchester and had a severe headache all day.His boss had told him to take some more pain killers,but would not let him go home? After hearing his cries of pain I needed to do something??? - Instinct told me something was very wrong! I did not have his works number,so the Internet
(What a wonderful tool) came into play.Found the number of the Trafford centre and contacted the control room,told them of my concern for my son.They were fantastic! sprung into action,security and first aiders sent to his aid,after assessment 999 paramedics and off to hospital. As I live over 150 miles away you can imagine the thoughts going through my mind. He arrived at hospital in severe pain,but as they were very busy was not seem for nearly 4 hours.He was admitted to E.A.U. (Emergency Assessment Unit) and went through a barrage of tests- Turns out he has viral meningitis - has been discharged from hospital with orders to rest and recuperate. Like ALL parents we go through these ups and downs with our children,I don't mind as long as they end up been fit and well. 

This has just topped off a hard few months of family illnesses - first my wife has a heart attack (Aged 55) came through it well last November - Last week my sister (52) has a stroke,still in hospital but coping well - then yesterday my son has his viral problems.

"Thank God For The N.H.S. "    

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The day before the storm

On the eve of St Pats,good day to you ALL
My friends from Ireland your in for a ball.

Have a good day,remember your mates.
Eat good hearty food and empty your plates.

Once a year the Paddy's come out.
Green,White and Gold without any doubt.

The black stuff will flow,with it's white crown on top.
It's Irish by nature to the very last drop.


Another British Day

Happy thoughts,and smiling faces.
People to meet in many places.

No time to chat,no time to think.
Not even time to take a drink.

Hurry, scurry, walk or run.
Just be focused your time will come!

Out and about,with time to spare.
Lots of families everywhere.

Summers coming! - or so I hope!
With scorching weather,will I cope!

We like the sun and hate the rain.
It's just another British day.
"There never the same"

Thursday, 3 March 2011

What Happend???????

Where did ALL the sunshine go???????

Cant wait for those long,warm spring/summer days
When the grass is green
And the sweet,sweet smell of love and happiness 
Fills the air for us ALL.