Saturday, 30 May 2009

Just One Of Those Days?

Not sure "Why" I feel fed up?

down in the dumps,not happy.

I cant explain? I don't know why

I just cant be bothered,

but I know I have to try.

I'll find a way to make me happy

to laugh and smile once again.

But until then I keep asking

"Why" am I so fed up ??????

Friday, 29 May 2009

Standing here with bleary eyes
and an early morning mist.
BUT what a view I hear you say
and something not to be missed?
I often wonder what to say
as these sheep stare through the gate?
Are they happy! are they sad!
NO they just don't know their fate.
Today is breaking,
the mist will lift.
The sun will rise
and the church is a gift.
So open your eyes,embrace the day
with a view like this you have to stay.
An English scene for you all to see
in the early morning -
Or is it just for "ME"?

Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Whisper softly,as you hold my hand
sweet and Innocent,
young at heart.
A time of silence,when words matter NOT
a shy gaze,a glancing eye and that smile!
This is the time of life when love means "Love"
together for ever! oh how they wish!
Let them have their time,as you had yours!
young hearts together living the dream.
"Can the world not stay as Innocent as this"!

Monday, 25 May 2009

Cast a shadow of doubt?

Holding hands!
Time stands still,when you hold hands?

"Yours or Mine"

The light is calling!
look to the sky.
The footprints are there
and I'm asking "Why"!
Footprints in the sand
coming or going!
I'm asking the question!
the question is "Why"!
Why a footprint! and not a paw!
I ask that question,I ask once more!
Are they yours! or are they mine!
another question, NO a matter of time.

Flip - Flop?

Flip Flop.
Flip Flop.
A shoe for comfort
A shoe,or Not?
Wet or dry
they mould the soul.
An array of colours
there never dull?
Flip Flop.
Flip Flop.
The sun is out
weather is warm.
These barmy days
when the "Flip Flop" is worn.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

It Hurts

Turn,and look back over your shoulder
as I wipe that tear from your eye.
He's not worth your tears!
let them flow.
Blow a kiss into the wind
as you turn and walk away.
He's not worth your tears
and you'll learn in the coming years!
I know it's hard,but in time
you will understand,and smile once again.
He is not worth your tears
But "You" deserve to be happy.
Count yourself lucky,you have walked
and listened with your eyes!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 18 May 2009

Open Your Eyes! ( What Do You See)

Open your eyes,and what do you see!



People Faces!

But look again!

What do you really see.

A picture that's clouded

fogged,in a haze!

Imagine what life is like

looking through eyes that are not perfect!

We take sight for granted

never question it,just expect to see.

Until the day we are told

"You" have a problem!

Mind racing,Panic,Stress,Sweating

am I losing my sight - NO

BUT you have got "Cataracts"


Pressure Off,

Now I wait

Wait to see,the world in all it's

glory once again ........ SOON

( P.S, It's not me! but I wish her well)

Saturday, 16 May 2009

One Year On

Remember me
I'm not dead!
I'm in your heart
as you've always said.
A year has passed
since we left each other.
Your mum,brothers
sisters and others?
But don't despare
I'm not far away
I'm in your heart
as you always say.
So be strong and thoughtful
in the years to come.
You are "My Family"
now my works done.

Reach Out?

As that hand of compassion

reaches out to me.

I cried,and I cried

and I wept for thee.

Oh my God?

Reality has just set in

the truth,the light,the way?

A birth!

A death!

New life,

or the end of one?

Compassion, Trust, and a Helping Hand

all cost........... "NOTHING" !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 15 May 2009

Heavens Above

The sky at night,oh what a sight?

Stars are like lights

on a christmas tree

And light up the sky,for you and me.

The stars kissed the moon

as they flash through the air.

Through the black inky emptiness

they create such a flare.

The galaxy is "Big"

a never ending sea

of emptiness and colour

But what do you see?

The moon,

if we are lucky!

Or the odd shooting star.

So lift your eyes to the heavens

Say "Thanks to "Your" God

As the light show in the sky

is "Heaven on earth.

The Humble Spud?

Baked!Mashed,Boiled or Fried

this versatile vegetable I'm sure you've tried?

There full of starch,and good for you

in moderation,and only a few!

The good King Edward,Maris Piper too

many varieties just for you.

We thank Sir Walter,for bringing it home

to these fine shores,we must not moan!

Lets put a smile on "Potato Head"

he's down in the dumps - enough said.

A figure of fun for children at play

but he's sending a message to them today?

Eat your potatoes,

grow big and strong

We ALL know the value,

you can't go wrong.

THE GREAT POTATO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 14 May 2009

The Stream

The sun flicks it's tongue

across this meandering stream.

With the sun high in the sky,

casting a shadow in the midday light.

It's on a journey,an experience

a page in the book of life?

It started with a tear?

wiped from the eye of a

mountain stream.

Then off,

Off on it's journey to the sea

Where life begins,and ends

the journey "Of Life"

Tempus fugit

Is "Time" on our side.

Is the clock ticking down?

Are the hands moving slowly.

Are the hands going round?

Time to look back!

Time to look forward!

"OR" just time to sit

and watch the clock.

Tic - Toc,

Tic - Toc

Minute by Minute

Hour by Hour

Tic - Toc

Tic - Toc

Time waits for no one?

"Look Again?

Look in the mirror and ask yourself "Why"? Why am I grey? Why am I Wrinkled? Then look again is this really me? Many years have past since I stood on a stool to look. Look into the mirror and ask "Why" Why am I small? Why am I thin? But the mirror never tell lies? When ever we look the truth is there to be seen? Just sometimes we don't want to "Believe" it. So next time you look don't ask "Why" Just smile at yourself and say "Hi"

Monday, 11 May 2009

The Mighty Oak

Swaying in the wind
like the waving arms of a child!
Green and supple,with
that dark inner core.
Masterful and strong
with a beauty all of their own.
But they have a story to tell!
Hundred,thousands if not millions.
Many,many long hard years
those rings of life are there to be counted.
The mighty Oak,the wise owl
of the trees.
A building block,of British industry
our land owes a lot to the.
"Mighty Oak"

Sunday, 10 May 2009

The Carer

The carer has to be "Cared For"? How many times do we see our carers in this world in near exhaustion? Many young people,don't have a social life as they are caring for a disabled mum,dad,sister or brother - and they do it, and sacrifice their youth. At the other end of the scale,a husband or wife that is caring for a partner that for whatever reason "Needs" their help? BUT WHO CARES FOR THE CARER....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a life that many of us HOPE we never have to become part of ? BUT if we are put in this situation - then with strength and the grace of God we will adapt,because we LOVE the person we are caring for.

Monday, 4 May 2009


Lights changing
the heavens are raining.
it's doing in my head?
The rain keeps coming
Someone fix these lights?

Sunday, 3 May 2009

The precipice

Standing,looking down
staring into an empty,empty chasm.
It's a long way down?
a thought that ran through my head.
Will it hurt?
Will I bleed?
Why am I hear
as I clear that tear
My eyes have been opened
my mind is clear.
Oh my god?
that was so,so near?

I understand ( I think?)

I understand how you feel.
I understand your plight.
I understand how it hurts.
And I know it's not right?
BUT Understand my plight!
I want to keep it right.
It never will be easy.
To keep you happy and breezy.
Lets try and work together.
To find some common ground.
Where we ALL can live in harmony.
Feeling happy,safe and sound,