Wednesday, 20 May 2009

It Hurts

Turn,and look back over your shoulder
as I wipe that tear from your eye.
He's not worth your tears!
let them flow.
Blow a kiss into the wind
as you turn and walk away.
He's not worth your tears
and you'll learn in the coming years!
I know it's hard,but in time
you will understand,and smile once again.
He is not worth your tears
But "You" deserve to be happy.
Count yourself lucky,you have walked
and listened with your eyes!!!!!!!!!!!


Toodles said...

and time
will emphasise that
''He's not worth your tears!'',
often others on the outside
see this!

We the lovers are the last
ones to 'get' this!

er said...

You are so "Tuned In" Toodles,
Very understanding and good at reading people?

Nice one (T)