Monday, 11 May 2009

The Mighty Oak

Swaying in the wind
like the waving arms of a child!
Green and supple,with
that dark inner core.
Masterful and strong
with a beauty all of their own.
But they have a story to tell!
Hundred,thousands if not millions.
Many,many long hard years
those rings of life are there to be counted.
The mighty Oak,the wise owl
of the trees.
A building block,of British industry
our land owes a lot to the.
"Mighty Oak"


paulboo said...

Very well put indeed! We do owe a lot to those trees, they supported building and were the main component of our ships for many years.

I have quite a few pictures of them too!!

And thanks a lot for your kind and thoughtful comments on my picture.

er said...

Cheers Paul,

"From little Acorns" ?

The oak is a great tree,and the wood we get makes fantastic furniture.And as you say our ships were made of this wonderful wood for thousands of years. I think of the Mary Rose in particular ?

SarahA said...

I love trees. Trees say and know a lot.They hold so many secrets in their arms, but never tell.
Lovely write, you.

er said...

Thanks Sarah,coming from "YOU" these comments mean a lot. Your work is "Top Draw" -

Toodles said...


er said...

Thank u once again toodles,much appriciated,as they say in the song "Words dont come easy"?

But when they come,they just flow?