Sunday, 10 May 2009

The Carer

The carer has to be "Cared For"? How many times do we see our carers in this world in near exhaustion? Many young people,don't have a social life as they are caring for a disabled mum,dad,sister or brother - and they do it, and sacrifice their youth. At the other end of the scale,a husband or wife that is caring for a partner that for whatever reason "Needs" their help? BUT WHO CARES FOR THE CARER....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a life that many of us HOPE we never have to become part of ? BUT if we are put in this situation - then with strength and the grace of God we will adapt,because we LOVE the person we are caring for.


Toodles said...

I do hope that
the carer
gets understanding,
physical and mental support
and days off too!
they need it
and deserve it!

er said...

Your so right Toodles,I think this came about by watching my brother with his 23 year old autistic son.

Thanks for the comment

paulboo said...

It's a situation I may find myself in at some time in the not too distant future so I do wonder about it, my mother is getting older and well, so am I!!
I know there isn't much support for people like your brother, it seems to me that they do a job that the state doesn't want or can't pay for. In the current economy it won't get any easier.

er said...

Thanks for your thoughts Paul,much appriciated.

We are ALL getting older,and your right our parents WILL need help from us oneday?

Sadly I lost my dad 11 months ago,and my mum although in good health,still needs help from the rest of the family.