Friday, 15 May 2009

Heavens Above

The sky at night,oh what a sight?

Stars are like lights

on a christmas tree

And light up the sky,for you and me.

The stars kissed the moon

as they flash through the air.

Through the black inky emptiness

they create such a flare.

The galaxy is "Big"

a never ending sea

of emptiness and colour

But what do you see?

The moon,

if we are lucky!

Or the odd shooting star.

So lift your eyes to the heavens

Say "Thanks to "Your" God

As the light show in the sky

is "Heaven on earth.


paulboo said...

You're on great form with this and the previous post!! Both are fabulous poems.
Pity we can only see a few of the many billions of stars from the city streets!!! It's always an amazing sight when I find a dark sky...

er said...

Cheers Paul,just picked up the pen and it flows (Sometimes!)
Not sure how I do it,as I find it very difficult to spell
( I think I maybe dyslexic but never tested? - Not now to old?)

Dictionary comes in very handy,and spell check of course.

Thanks again,