Thursday, 14 May 2009

Tempus fugit

Is "Time" on our side.

Is the clock ticking down?

Are the hands moving slowly.

Are the hands going round?

Time to look back!

Time to look forward!

"OR" just time to sit

and watch the clock.

Tic - Toc,

Tic - Toc

Minute by Minute

Hour by Hour

Tic - Toc

Tic - Toc

Time waits for no one?


paulboo said...

I don't mind time passing but sometimes I wish it would slow down a little so I can catch up!!!!!

er said...

Your so right? there are not enough hours in the day !!!!!!

Thanks for the comments,much appriciated.

Toodles said...

I can appreciate

this one this week

and love the TIME

here ...... where

we are NOT in rush,

No deadlines,No CLOCKS!

and can catch up with




and my life!

er said...

Thanks (T)

I am sure "YOU" know that "Time" on your island stands still whenever "You" wish !!!!!!!

A haven to recharge,rethink,and plan the coming weeks & months!!

Toodles said...

yes ...........
i feel that Paul Boo should stay here for awhile!

er said...

Thanks toodles,send him an invite???????

Sounds like you have really enjoyed your stay - now you have to take on the next challenge?????

"You" will be ok.