Sunday, 3 May 2009

The precipice

Standing,looking down
staring into an empty,empty chasm.
It's a long way down?
a thought that ran through my head.
Will it hurt?
Will I bleed?
Why am I hear
as I clear that tear
My eyes have been opened
my mind is clear.
Oh my god?
that was so,so near?


paulboo said...

I recognise and understand those feelings, a mixture of despair, anxiety and I suppose curiosity!!

Beautifully written.

er said...

Thank U Paul

I think many,many people have been there at sometime in their lives?

But this is what life is ALL about,we have to "Deal" with whatever happens and whenever it happens - And say "THANK YOU" for

Toodles said...

Thank goodness
for a mobile phone,
family and friends!

er said...

So "True" Toodles,
This WAS NOT written from a personal experience - but with a little poetic licence?

Thanks for the comment,and very,very true?