Thursday, 14 May 2009

The Stream

The sun flicks it's tongue

across this meandering stream.

With the sun high in the sky,

casting a shadow in the midday light.

It's on a journey,an experience

a page in the book of life?

It started with a tear?

wiped from the eye of a

mountain stream.

Then off,

Off on it's journey to the sea

Where life begins,and ends

the journey "Of Life"


Toodles said...

Blooming Marvellous!

I love it!

er said...

Thanks (T)
"Water" has that little something extra?

paulboo said...

A charming image and charming words to accompany it, can't get much better.

er said...

Thanks for your comments paul,lets have more work on your blog?

donnie said...

cool cool cool

er said...

Thanks Donnie much appriciated.