Saturday, 30 May 2009

Just One Of Those Days?

Not sure "Why" I feel fed up?

down in the dumps,not happy.

I cant explain? I don't know why

I just cant be bothered,

but I know I have to try.

I'll find a way to make me happy

to laugh and smile once again.

But until then I keep asking

"Why" am I so fed up ??????


SarahA said...

You just need someone to kick you up the bum! Those days *sigh* come and go for us all. You have put such well.

er said...

Thanks Sarah - yep kicked myself up "The Bum" just had one of those days!!!! I am sure we all have one from time to time?

paulboo said...

It's ok to feel this way sometimes, quite acceptable and normal if not desirable!!
Some days you just get out of bed the wrong side I think...

er said...

I am sure your right Paul,just feels "Wrong" to be like that?

But hey,the sun is up and everybody is happy again.

Best wishes mate.