Monday, 18 May 2009

Open Your Eyes! ( What Do You See)

Open your eyes,and what do you see!



People Faces!

But look again!

What do you really see.

A picture that's clouded

fogged,in a haze!

Imagine what life is like

looking through eyes that are not perfect!

We take sight for granted

never question it,just expect to see.

Until the day we are told

"You" have a problem!

Mind racing,Panic,Stress,Sweating

am I losing my sight - NO

BUT you have got "Cataracts"


Pressure Off,

Now I wait

Wait to see,the world in all it's

glory once again ........ SOON

( P.S, It's not me! but I wish her well)


paulboo said...

A friends mother has recently had cataracts sorted out on both eyes and all went perfectly well, she can now see the world as she used to :o)

Bravo for the last few poems ER, I read them and enjoyed them all, thought provoking stuff.

er said...

Thanks Paul much appriciated,it is my Mother in Law with the catarcts her 80th birthday and she gets the news for a present.