Saturday, 13 June 2009

Four bare legs

Four bare legs,and without any arms

there it stands with all it's charms.

A hidden gem from years gone by

left in a room,

left to cry!

It's a lonely life in solitude

on your own and left to brood.

But a careful caress from a loving hand

this chair I think we need to sand.

Take it out of all that doom

and give it pride of place in the

"Living Room"

Is it Because !!!!!!!

Is it because I'm Old!
Or is it because I'm Grey!
I'm I stressed and lonely!
Or is it just today!
Teenagers are stressful
boys I'm sure are worse!
And little girls aren't angels
sometimes very terse.
But this is growing up
and something we have all done.
The only thing that's different
is it's your daughter or your son.

A Little Ray Of Sunshine

A golden ray of sunshine

surrounded by a cloak of green!

With arms stretched to the sun

sucking every ounce of energy.

This lonely beauty

entangled in a web of deceit.

But strong and vibrant she stands

her head held high with pride.

I am that ray of sunshine

that will brighten up your life!

Bringing peace,

harmony and love

to all the world.

Through this little

"Ray of Sunshine"

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Sweet,Sweet Friend

A friend of mine whos son was killed last year is sure "He" visits her as a "Robin"

Sat on my own on a summers day

lunch box open in a casual way.

Out of my eye I caught a flash

a small red breast in a dark green patch.

The smell of the grass,fresh mown today

left much longer,it would have turned to hay!

The sun is hot,the summers here

but up in a tree my friend is near.

There is NO snow,

NO frosty morn

my friend the "Robin" is not long born.

He comes to share my lunch each day

perched on a branch not far away.

I often chat,

and say hello

to my little feathered friend.........

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Prayers Answered ( Thank You )

The hand reaching out

too touch the "World"

My prayers were answered

flags unfurled.

My friend came through

a dismal time.



pain and worry.

Better times lie ahead

my friend,my friend

"NO MORE" dread.

The pain will ease,your spirits lift

health and happiness

Order of the day.

New Day

New Dawn

"New Beginning"

Sunday, 7 June 2009


The moon casts a shadow

over the end of day sun.

That rich golden syrupy

ball in the sky.

The moon takes over

when the sun fades away.

Another big event

at the end of the day.

Lovers gaze into

each others eyes

As the moon casts it's shadow

that's no big surprise.

So give thanks to the sun

at the end of the day.

As it opens the gates for

the "Moon" on it's way.

The Whispering Grass

Whispering grass

I cant hear!

I've opened my eyes,

and listen with my ears!

The sun makes you golden,

ripe and rich.

The rain cool and wet,

but that causes a hitch.

So let the grass whisper,

as the wind blows a kiss.

Through the wild,wild flowers

and the plants that we've missed.

The summer is here

lets hope it lasts

So open your ears

and listen to.

"The Whispering Grass"

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Calendar Girls

Calendar girls you tried in vain

to take away that awful pain.

You broke the mould and bared your soul

and much,much more to gain your goal.

And that you did with loads of pride

all over the world - no where to hide!

You're twinkling stars,and shining bright

and ten years on you are the "Light"

We thank you girls for raising the plight

you took it on and won the fight.

The fight was won - but your jobs not done!!

"The Calendar Girls Fight On"

Happy Tenth Birthday Girls !!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 3 June 2009


Half empty,

Half full.




Thin .





"Who Cares" ??????????

Empty Room ?????



With an open door?

Light streaming through

casting a shadow as it flows.

Is this an open invitation!


Has someone left in a hurry!

So many questions.

But so few answers.

"This is Life"

Monday, 1 June 2009

"Smell the Coffee & Taste the Tea"

"Smell the Coffee"
"Taste the Tea"
the staple drink for you and me?
From across the world,from leaf or bean
the likes of nothing we've ever seen?
Rich or poor,young or old.
some like it hot,some like it cold!
Enjoy the drink,that you like the most
surprise everyone and drink a toast.
A toast to the world,for giving us these drinks
the "Tea" and the "Coffee" - there good me thinks!!!!!!


When the sun shines,the flowers grow

the grass is greener,and people "Glow"

Warm hot summer sun,burning and

cutting like the blade of a knife.

But its worth it,to see the smile

on the faces as they reach for the rays.

Sun worshipers lying prostrate on the

new mown grass,skin wide to the world.

Ten minutes in this weather,and it happens





Is it worth it? all for the sake of a tan?

The summers here,"Enjoy It" but take care

the summer sun is "Hot&Unforgiving"