Saturday, 13 June 2009

Four bare legs

Four bare legs,and without any arms

there it stands with all it's charms.

A hidden gem from years gone by

left in a room,

left to cry!

It's a lonely life in solitude

on your own and left to brood.

But a careful caress from a loving hand

this chair I think we need to sand.

Take it out of all that doom

and give it pride of place in the

"Living Room"


donnie said...

cool story - i like the chair as is

er said...

Thanks donnie,yep I agree,just wrote the piece one night,then had to find a picture to go with it? But your so right,to many people spoil good "Old" pieces by painting or staining.

Anonymous said...

Aw and I can see this in relation to people too, not just a chair.I am loving the chair, you.

er said...

Many thanks Sarah - hope your enjoying your break?

paulboo said...

we all need a little care and attention sometimes in life. Lovely chair, a classic design for sure.

er said...

Thanks for the comment Paul