Thursday, 11 June 2009

Sweet,Sweet Friend

A friend of mine whos son was killed last year is sure "He" visits her as a "Robin"

Sat on my own on a summers day

lunch box open in a casual way.

Out of my eye I caught a flash

a small red breast in a dark green patch.

The smell of the grass,fresh mown today

left much longer,it would have turned to hay!

The sun is hot,the summers here

but up in a tree my friend is near.

There is NO snow,

NO frosty morn

my friend the "Robin" is not long born.

He comes to share my lunch each day

perched on a branch not far away.

I often chat,

and say hello

to my little feathered friend.........


Toodles said...


er said...

Yep,I would like to think that there maybe some truth in reincarnation? What would "You" come back as if you had the chance?

Thanks for the comment - have a good weekend.

paulboo said...

I sure your friend gets great comfort thinking that way, whether reincarnation is real or not isn't important! :o)
Enjoyed your words and thoughts ER.

er said...

Thanks Paul,this was very,very sad a close friend had her son taken from her @ the age of 22. Killed by an idiot,with a punch to the head.

R.I.P. William

Thanks Paul,much appriciated.