Sunday, 7 June 2009

The Whispering Grass

Whispering grass

I cant hear!

I've opened my eyes,

and listen with my ears!

The sun makes you golden,

ripe and rich.

The rain cool and wet,

but that causes a hitch.

So let the grass whisper,

as the wind blows a kiss.

Through the wild,wild flowers

and the plants that we've missed.

The summer is here

lets hope it lasts

So open your ears

and listen to.

"The Whispering Grass"


paulboo said...

Your words here are inspiring ER, as is the picture that illustrates them so very well; I'm hoping for a better summer than the last 2 years!! And I think that we'd all be happier and better people if we learnt to slow down and enjoy the natural world.

er said...

Yep,you got it Paul? It's meant to show how easy it is to miss the simple things! We seem to be moving to fast these days.

The grass really does "Whisper" if we take the time to listen........

Thanks for your comments,much appriciated.