Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Prayers Answered ( Thank You )

The hand reaching out

too touch the "World"

My prayers were answered

flags unfurled.

My friend came through

a dismal time.



pain and worry.

Better times lie ahead

my friend,my friend

"NO MORE" dread.

The pain will ease,your spirits lift

health and happiness

Order of the day.

New Day

New Dawn

"New Beginning"


Toodles said...

Thank you

I can see clearly now

even with the pain!

er said...

Even with "YOUR NEW GLASSES" ??????

paulboo said...

Fantastic picture, very symbolic indeed and clever too! It goes so well with the optimistic poem, bravo!

er said...

Many thanks Paul,it's sometimes very hard to say "Thanks"

But when it really matters,the words and pictures just flow!!

Toodles said...

No new glasses yet ......

maybe next week!

er said...

Vision Express - sameday service?

But maybe you have something special in mind.

Next week will soon be here,a trip out,a light lunch and "New Glasses"

Leese said...

Wonderful way of putting it. I feel like dancing!

er said...

Thanks for looking Leese,please call again.