Saturday, 13 June 2009

Is it Because !!!!!!!

Is it because I'm Old!
Or is it because I'm Grey!
I'm I stressed and lonely!
Or is it just today!
Teenagers are stressful
boys I'm sure are worse!
And little girls aren't angels
sometimes very terse.
But this is growing up
and something we have all done.
The only thing that's different
is it's your daughter or your son.


Anonymous said...

You are joking! Girls are far worse than boys! Oh my! Ha! But your words made me giggle.

er said...

Thats what it's ALL about making people happy!!!!!!

Thanks for calling Sarah

paulboo said...

I didn't have any kids but I feel sure that my brother would agree with you and Sarah, he has two grown up daughters!!

er said...

Yep,I dont think "Anyone" can understand truely until you have had Kids. But agree with your comments paul,thanks mate.

Toodles said...

Well said ....... and true!

er said...

Thanks agin T - as they get older,I think the more stress and worry we get? At one time my hair was brownish? now it's "White" bt I cant put it ALL down to kids - growing older,and looking like my dad must play a small part somewhere along the line ??????