Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Whisper softly,as you hold my hand
sweet and Innocent,
young at heart.
A time of silence,when words matter NOT
a shy gaze,a glancing eye and that smile!
This is the time of life when love means "Love"
together for ever! oh how they wish!
Let them have their time,as you had yours!
young hearts together living the dream.
"Can the world not stay as Innocent as this"!


Toodles said...

''let them have their time''

sweet ..... we can all remember 'this' love!

er said...

Yeh,your right toodles - this sort of love you never forget.Youngsters just take it that their time will go on for ever.

Many thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

I wish *sigh* Youth is wasted on the young! Ha!

er said...

Wish I was young again!!! or even a youth for a day! ha ha - What would I do Hmmmmmmmmm ?

Thanks Sarah - bet you wish the same sometimes!!!!!!!