Saturday, 16 May 2009

One Year On

Remember me
I'm not dead!
I'm in your heart
as you've always said.
A year has passed
since we left each other.
Your mum,brothers
sisters and others?
But don't despare
I'm not far away
I'm in your heart
as you always say.
So be strong and thoughtful
in the years to come.
You are "My Family"
now my works done.


Toodles said...

''You are "My Family"
now my works done''

Its up to your family now
to continue in the
best possible way,
moving forward by example, opinion, work, beliefs and ways in which your Dad would be proud!

er said...

My Dad was a very humble man,and I am sure he is proud of each and ever member of his family? He "Gave" so much - BUT we "Gave" so little back?

Love,is a very hard thing to quantify,BUT I loved my dad,although I am not so sure he knew it?????????

I miss him everyday,but life MUST go on - and thats what he would want.