Friday, 15 May 2009

The Humble Spud?

Baked!Mashed,Boiled or Fried

this versatile vegetable I'm sure you've tried?

There full of starch,and good for you

in moderation,and only a few!

The good King Edward,Maris Piper too

many varieties just for you.

We thank Sir Walter,for bringing it home

to these fine shores,we must not moan!

Lets put a smile on "Potato Head"

he's down in the dumps - enough said.

A figure of fun for children at play

but he's sending a message to them today?

Eat your potatoes,

grow big and strong

We ALL know the value,

you can't go wrong.

THE GREAT POTATO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


paulboo said...

Beautifully put.
How would we manage without?
What would our national identity be without fish and chips??

er said...

I think now our national dish (Daft as it sounds?) is "Curry"

But yeh,cant beat a good portion of fish and chips,and tastes better if walking by the sea!!!!!

Best chips are in the North of the country,and best when fried in "Beef Dripping"

It's time for tea !!!! (Joke)

Thanks Paul.