Friday, 17 April 2009

Dining Out

Looking out of the window wind blowing,grass growing. Rabbits jumping,running for fun Oh I hope my steaks well done! Tables are set,diners eat well waiters,and waitresses dressed in black. Drinks are flowing,voices are raised the place is jumping,but know one is fazed! Eating out on a Friday night pleasure or chore! not sure who's right. Chefs are cursing,the kitchen's hot the orders keep coming,just look what we've got! Another great meal,and thanks to the crew those girls and boys had lots to do. They made our night,and served us well and I'm sure my friends,we have a tale to tell!


Toodles said...

Hope u all enjoyed the night out!

er said...

Thanks (T) we did !
This week took out both my mum and mum in law. Brother and wife away for the weekend,but a very nice meal.Good to take out both our mums,they deserve a treat now and again,even better when I paid the bill !!!!!!!!

SarahA said...

'know one' = 'no one' typo hey?
Great discription of the whole and images clear in my mind,because of your words written.
Well done, you.