Monday, 20 April 2009

Bygone Days

I sit and watch the sun go down and reminisce about the past, and bygone days. When the clock never mattered and the days seemed endless. But why has the world moved on so fast! or,are we standing still, I ask! Gone are the days of innocence now we are asking,what makes sense! As children,we are carefree and simple yet wise in a childlike way! But sooner or later we grow into adulthood strong in body,mind and soul. So encourage the child to live,and love life in a world far removed from reality! And as adults we will remember when we were "Children" !!!!!!!!!!!


Toodles said...

Fab poem!

May i use this please?

er said...

Toodles,it would be an honour ? you dont have to ask,if you like any of them just use them -

Glad you like it,I must keep these on the blog,I tend to write straight on and never keep a copy?

SarahA said...

I think even when we are 'grown-ups' we all still have that 'inner child' that never goes, but sometimes we have to try and capture such again.
Lovely take, you.

er said...

Many thanks Sarah,
I think your right,as long as the inner child is not to far removed from reality !!!!!!!