Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Bombs and Bullets

Bombs and Bullets. Tanks and Guns. Soldiers running. But not to their mums! War is bloody. People die. And the wives and children will always cry. Rows of white crosses. On new mown grass. These are the reminders Of times in the past. No one wins in times of war. Only pain and death. And an open door. So close the door, and stop the war. Its truth and peace for evermore.


SarahA said...

Oh I wish! *sigh* But I think until war is stopped within ourselves, the war of the world will not cease.
I like the short sharp sentences,the rhyme pattern; actually reminding me of bullets being fired!

er said...

Thanks Sarah,your comments mean a lot!
As you say until the world stops fighting it's self we will "Never" have peace!