Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The Last Farewell ?

Last night was very,very, difficult ! For those of you how have read my blog over the last six months may understand why I felt sad last night! For those who have not visited this site before,I will keep it brief. October last year a friends son was killed by an idiot who punched him once,and once only.. BUT this blow was enough to put him on life support for 6 days - His distraught parents were told his brain was dead ! and made the very painful decision to let him go - He was "ONLY" 22 years old! Last night my dear friend and his family allowed I.T.V. Channel 4 to show their sons last days,and the families trauma in a fly on the wall documentary on the A/E Dept of a Midlands hospital. My eyes were full with tears of sadness,for William ( I will never see him again ) and for his friends and family - who are left to try and pick up the pieces. R.I.P. - William - The world has lost a true devoted - Son,Brother,Grandson and "DAD"

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