Monday, 6 April 2009

Dilemma ?

Just spent over an hour on the phone talking to an old colleague who I worked with over 15 years ago. Although we see each other only every few years,we speak at least once a month,mainly about bloke things - Work,Sport,Cars, and occasionally the opposite sex! What a surprise today! he tells me that out of the blue he meets an old girlfriend in a major city street shopping with her daughter.They pass the time of day,and have a pleasant conversation after 30 years or more of not seeing each other. They go their separate ways but before they do exchange phone numbers,yep you've guessed,they arrange to meet again. Another great afternoon,walking down memory lane recalling good and bad,happy and sad times,then the "Bombshell" - Turns out that my old colleague all those years ago - was the father of this ladies daughter - HE was never told,the Daughter was never told,and both my friend and his ex girlfriend have happily married life's,with grown up children! "WHAT A DILEMMA" - What would I DO! - What would you Do! ............................................

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