Thursday, 16 April 2009

Growing Up

Oh my son,I cant stop you now the time has come for you to spread your wings. Fly,fly like a bird,but go with my blessing and remember,life is for living! Your no longer a child a young man has filled your shoes. It's shower,shave,new clothes and smile the time is here,now walk that extra mile! You will always be the elder: the one who came first! But you have a younger brother and he is proud to burst. May the sun shine upon you and guide you on your way. To a city where you feel at home but we hope you will not stay!!!! The world is your oyster it's closed with a rock hard shell. But please,please remember it's your "Family" you need to tell! Tell us what your feeling the traumas of your teenage years. It's hard becoming an adult But we are your parents,and we really "CARE"


SarahA said...

'your' = 'you're no longer a child'

And I think we only really know this feeling, when we oursleve become Parents.Then we understand. I like, you.

er said...

Sarah many thanks for your comment,you've found my achilles heal? I cant "Spell" I think I have been dyslexic for many years,but never worried about it? I should use my dictionary a lot more.
Next time you post,please become a follower !!!!!!

er said...

Sarah - I am sure you will agree,being a parent is never easy? We are never taught "HOW" to become a parent - we just observe others !!!!!! and hope our children grow up with everything we would expect of them.