Saturday, 7 February 2009

The Oval Ball

It's a game of two halfes so they say!
But how many men will have to pay.
Pay the price for a hard fought game.
That leaves you ALL with lots of pain.
Pain is in the mind I hear you say!
"You" tell those men who need to play.
Comrades and friends they make for life.
It even out strips the love of their wife.
It's in the blood,and blood they give.
For 80 minuets on that field they live.
Sweat and tears,broken limbs,cuts and bruises.
The doctor Wins !!!!!!!!!!!!
So embrace this noble sport my friends.
The Six Nations Championship,on us it depends.
Support your nation,and fly it's flag.
So that in the end the "Champions" Bragg .........


Toodles said...

....and all over an oval ball, such entertainment!

er said...

Thanks toodles,I am sure that many none rugby supporters will enjoy the next few months !!!!