Sunday, 15 February 2009

The Mind !

What is a mind !
We ALL have a mind !
But do we all use it !
It has a strange way of working !
Somedays we can "Think"
Somedays we can not !
Why do we struggle with our minds !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Toodles said...

I feel that 'my mind has a mind of its own',
i struggle to direct it and to understand it,

I get confused with mind and intellect,
they often give different answers!

so whats this? i am living on an island and want to preserve my nails ....shoch horrow..damaged one...
what do i do next?
finally the answer arrives ..use a piece of DIY sand paper!
now is that mind or intellect???????

er said...

Thats neither mind or intellect???

It's just plain "Common Sense"

Next time wear a pair of gloves!

All of our minds,have minds of their own,they just need direction! is that deep or what ?

Toodles said...



grey matter,


common sense,

inside my head,



and the list goes on .......

its all confusing!

er said...

Confusing maybe! but workable!
Sometimes we complicate things more than we need to.

Feelings & Emotions

Both very natural,and sometimes confusing & mind boggling !!!!!

That word "Mind" is everywhere