Thursday, 1 January 2009


The end of the year,spent with friends,
talking and drinking.
Trying to make sense of the year gone by !
Wishing and thinking and hoping NOT to cry.
It's been BAD,the worst it could be.
But not wishing to dwell,while in company.
There will be time,for us to say goodbye.
In our own sweet time,we wont have to try !
Lets put our memories in a place.
Were you and I can go and trace.
Our thoughts and feelings of years gone by.
We'll sit and ponder,and ask WHY! WHY ! WHY!
To wonder WHY ! we'll never know.
What did happen,and who could show.
The reason why we lost our Son.
Is that Gods work ! and WHY ! was it done.
We give thanks for the years we had.
The good times,the bad times and the not so bad !
But through out those years we were "NEVER" glum.
Because we knew we had a "Loving Son"

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