Sunday, 18 January 2009

"Pink Roses"

Petals well formed,on a lush green stem.
A touch of magic,or a sparkling gem!
A gift from heaven on a winters day.
NO a gift from a son,who's come to pray.
Each Sunday morn,I walk with pride.
Through the wrought iron gates and down to his side!
Glancing at children,who have passed on ahead.
Were here many parents tears have been shed.
The sun pores it's rays all over the ground.
Lighting the granite,the marble and even the sand.
It shines a path through the headstones and flowers.
Like a doctor of love with it's magical powers!
So I bring "Pink Roses" as a mark of respect.
For my Dad who's passed on to the garden of rest
A garden of scent,remembrance,and love.
A fond,fond memory of those up above.
Roses to me are a wonderful flower.
They give such a fragrance,and a feeling of power!
Power is strength,and that's what they give.
Tall and elegant,with the will to live.
Remember your loved ones with flowers all year.
In winter,in summer,in autumn and care !!!
Call here often,bring along your poises.
But I'll bring along my nice "Pink Roses"

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