Thursday, 9 December 2010

Cold,Cold Frosty Morning!!

What a day to contemplate!
What a day to think!
An icy cold winters day.
Not the day to drink?

Keep warm and cosy inside.
And healthy you will stay.
As the cold and frosty outside.
Makes you very easy prey!!

You know it makes sense
Be sure to stay in doors
As the cold,cold frosty morning
Will be nipping at your toes.

Help is close at hand
When ever your in doubt
Just phone,call or text
Or maybe even shout!

6 comments: said...

I was curious re an update on your wife - I hope I am not bringing up a sore topic but I had not seen an update.

er said...

Hi comedyrocks - She is getting better by the day thanks,she had 2 stents put in and has had to take some time away from work.BUT the thing to be thankful for is she is still here.
Many thanks for thoughts they are much appriciated. said...

Glad to hear it er -- I have a friend who had a pacemaker put in over 10 years ago - modern technology is amazing.
Hopefully, with a little help from modern day medicine she will be around to keep you in line for another 55 years.
Happy Holidays!

er said...

comedyrocks- what a very thoughtful post,my thanks to you for taking the time and the interest to pop back to my blog and ask after my wife (Marian) I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year.Please keep poping in from time to time.

Thanks again.... Eric

paulboo said...

Wish I could stay home tomorrow, cold or not I have to go to work!!!

Anonymous said...

We ALL need to work,paid or not???
It gives the mind and body something to think about

Good to hear from you again Paul