Wednesday, 25 March 2009

A Teachers Torment !

From the emerald isle this lady came. With plenty of love, but little to gain. To teach the children near and far. Her thoughts and ways weren’t bizarre. She learnt her trade from people so wise. That maybe one day she would compromise. Young and old she did teach. But some of them were out of reach. The obstructive children laugh and scorn. At the child who is wise and wants to learn. But what can she do! She is out of touch. With these stupid kids that hurt so much. Many times each week they try to ride. This wonderful teacher that’s trapped inside. She knows her job! And what to do. But that bloody school it’s like a zoo. Animals they are and animals they will stay. Because they can’t be taught the proper way! So my teacher friend you see. It’s rough and tough you have to be. So teacher from the emerald isle. Be sure to keep that loving smile. And if in the end you can not train Well – they’ve only got themselves to blame!


Toodles said...

Wonder whats she is doing now?

er said...

Gone on to bigger and better things I think !

This I wrote 20 years or more ago!
By now I think "She" would be:

But "Still" - A great Teacher !

Only "SHE" would know,how she feels! - and I wishes her ALL the very best.